Riviera Maya Property Consultants Help to Define the New Face of Tulum, Mexico

Many new hotels and residential projects are opening in the Mexican Caribbean hotspot of Tulum.

Tulum, Mexico, March 15, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Tulum, a small fishing village on the gorgeous Mexican Caribbean has been undergoing dramatic changes, with the last year being the most significant in its transformation from a beach-hut dotted unassuming tropical village into an eco-luxury holiday destination.

The concept of luxury in Tulum remains original. It is the luxury of being able to immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere of rustic, eco-chic environment, to feel the sand on your feet when you wake up in the morning, to taste delicious creations of international chefs at all the open-air beachfront or jungle-side restaurants, to do yoga and to relax.

It seems that this kind of luxury is in high demand, because Tulum is becoming increasingly popular with celebrities and wealthy vacationers in search of the perfect rustic luxury villa on the beach, where they can relax and rejuvenate.

At the same time, Tulum’s real estate has been growing at unparalleled rate. For example, its residential zone in the village, La Veleta, has transformed in one year as newly rising condominiums and houses have sprung up and changed its formerly wild jungle landscape. From 2012 till 2014 land prices went from $75 USD for 1sq m up to $150 USD, while in 2007 the price was only $30-40 USD.

Here are some of the latest news from Tulum about new hotels and residential projects.


Tulum’s fastest-developing residential zone, La Veleta, is the site of ongoing home and condominium construction projects, which have unrecognizably changed its landscape in just one year.

Riviera Maya Property Consultants is a modern real estate/ architectural agency in Tulum founded by expats from New York, London and Italy that has various projects all over the village of Tulum. One of the most notable recent projects is a luxury two-house project, K’AK’ – JA’. The project (which means Fire – Water in Mayan language) harmoniously blends modern architecture and design with local materials, such as limestone and Zapote wood, and integrates the project into the local tropical environment. Two properties, separated by a pool, feature large spaces that allow enough sunlight, private rooftops and high-end finishes. Modern interior design and centuries-old Mayan tradition create a unique, inspiring living space.

Tulum is home to original, inspired real estate development project called Holistika. Holistika is a unique Tulum real estate concept of an inspired and carefully planned village that promotes healthy lifestyle and is set in nature 10 min west from the center of the town. The residents are offered an organic orchard, alternative medicine, massages, yoga, reiki, acupuncture and various healing courses. Land lots start from $75K USD.

Beachfront Hotels

Mi Amor. A new boutique hotel in Tulum with Unico restaurant (that has an esteemed New York chef, Brian Sernatinger, on board), Mi Amor is located on a wild strip of rocky beach, dotted with palm trees and tropical vegetation. Elegant and stylish but sensual and adventurous at the same time, the hotel is the newest addition to the Colibri Hotel Collection that already includes La Zebra, El Pez and Mezzanine.

Another beautiful addition is Sanara hotel, wellness center and yoga retreat. Close to the famous La Zebra (which is also being renovated and extended to the other side of the road), Sanara is a modern minimalistic hotel meant for relaxation and meditation, with a glass-walled yoga studio facing a beautiful beach, where you can awaken you body with the sunrise. Sanara offers rooms on the beach, as well as in its cozy little bungalows on the jungle side with an enclosed swimming pool.

Papaya Playa’s Beach Club restaurant stuns with the heavenly creations coming from its kitchen. Papaya Playa used to be known among locals and tourists due to its beach parties, but now it is acquiring fame also because of its exquisite cuisine. The menu draws influences from local Mayan and Mexican traditions and their creative interpretations and often hosts well-known international chefs.

Village of Tulum

Corazon de Jade, a brand new hotel with a bar, is located in the heart of Tulum village, making it obvious that development is not only happening in the beach zone, but has also reached the formerly sleepy village. Artistic, quirky design is perfectly in sync with the style of Tulum, and location is central for those looking to be next to all the bars and restaurants of the village. The bar offers live DJ and an opportunity to dance the night away.

About Riviera Maya Property Consultants

Riviera Maya Property Consultants is a company founded by professionals from the U.S. and Europe, with years of experience in architecture, construction, high-level sales and marketing. Based in Tulum, RMPC has formed close ties with local land sellers, and offers land purchase for the best market value, as well as architectural services, construction and property management.

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