Horizon Property Group Improves Energy Efficiency and Promotes Technologies for Sustainable Energy

Horizon Property Group, a full-service commercial real estate management company, becomes more energy efficient with lighting upgrades and continues to focus on the company’s renewable energy initiative at its multi-tenant office building.

Indianapolis, IN, March 17, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Horizon Property Group announces recent energy efficient upgrades to the interior and exterior lighting at its multi-tenant office building while also supporting the company’s green energy initiative by investing in solar technologies.

The company owns and operates the largest office building in Greenwood, Indiana which is a 3-story Class A building with multi-tenant offices. In an effort to become more energy efficient, Horizon Property Group recently replaced all of the exterior light sources with LED lighting. Additionally the company is purchasing and installing LED fluorescents and ballasts throughout the inside of the more than 60,000 square foot office building.

“We are committed to making our commercial real estate properties more energy efficient,” said Derrick Christy, President and Owner of Horizon Property Group. “By installing LED lighting in our parking lot we have decreased our overall energy usage and lowered our monthly energy costs by 40%.”

The full-service commercial property group manages over 300,000 square feet of commercial retail and office space in central Indiana. Horizon Property group is also a division of Christy Ventures, a large consortium of privately held companies and assets owned by Christy. Both groups have taken a collective approach to providing a progressive environment for tenants. Christy Ventures invested in the construction of an interior green space, while Horizon Property Group is investing in technologies that promote sustainable energy through an outside green space.

“We have green energy initiatives in our building including an electric car charging station and hope that others in the business community may follow these paths,” said Christy. “Our newest project currently underway is an outdoor conference area powered entirely by solar energy.”

The conference area will provide tenants with the ability to conduct business meetings, workshops, and presentations outside. The area will also include a solar panel table where users can plug in their computer and mobile devices. As part of the ongoing renewable energy initiative, Horizon Property Group tenants and employees at the companies of Christy Ventures will have innovative green space both inside and outside for the use of conducting daily business.

About Horizon Property Group
Horizon Property Group is a full-service commercial property company engaged in retail leasing, retail property management, commercial construction, and office leasing. The company owns and leases commercial retail space to national retailers, small business owners and franchisees. Horizon Property Group is headquartered in Greenwood, Indiana and manages over 300,000 square feet of commercial retail and office space. The company can be reached at 317-884-1100. For more information please visit www.horizonproperty.org.
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