New NABC Boxing Runner Video Game Scores Undisputed Fun for Android

Indianapolis, IN, March 16, 2015 --( The North American boxing council (NABC) has released its first video game. NABC Boxing Runner Champion is now available free for Android phones and tablets on the Google Play Store.

The new free to play endless runner for mobile devices game is based on the inspiring image of the lone athlete running through the streets training to win a boxing championship. The fighter attempts to escape danger while training encountering a variety of difficult obstacles. Game play is fast on increasingly hard city streets where the player collects coins and unlocks power ups that assist the training journey. Tests along the road include traps, boxes (some falling from the sky), trash cans, tires and blades. Scores can be shared on the game's Facebook fan page and tweeted to the NABC for re-tweets.

"Fighters, gamers and boxing fans can love everything about the game,” states boxing trainer Adam Colton. “It has the workout you need to succeed in the sport and the mayhem of a modern urban environment with all the risk being virtual.”

About the NABC: The North American Boxing Council is a boxing championship organization in the United States based in Indianapolis, Indiana. NABC boxing championship bouts have been televised on HBO Boxing, ESPN and FOX Sports. Boxers who have fought for the NABC belt include Evander Holyfield, Félix Trinidad, Larry Donald, Ricardo Mayorga, Stevie Johnston, Joshua Clottey, Ian Gardner, and Damian Fuller. Promoters who have held NABC contests include Don King, Gary Shaw, Fred Berns, and Lou Duva.
Adam Colton