Former Addict Celebrates His Global Community of Quitters

Author details a life brought back from the brink of death, and now helps others quit their harmful habits through an interactive online community.

San Diego, CA, March 18, 2015 --( In a span of a decade, Dave “The Quitter” Ross, Founder of the “I Finally Quit” (IFQ) online community, went from penthouse to outhouse, then back again. Ross’ candid story detailed in his new book, "The I Finally Quit Movement," reveals how, in the blink of an eye, he lost his fiancé, job, income, apartment, car, and the will to live. All of this was gone due to putting alcohol and addictions before his relationships and basic needs.

His journey to hit rock bottom would include traversing the entire United States, 5 years of homelessness, gallons of booze, and ultimately ending up in a California ICU. Miraculously, he was then able to say, “I Finally Quit!” Once sober and free from cigarettes, alcohol, and other vices, he found a new drive to help others also feel the freedom of saying, “I Finally Quit,” which led to leading a global movement. Anyone desiring to quit a destructive habit is encouraged to learn more and join the community of quitters at

"The I Finally Quit Movement" is a 168-page, paperback book published by Creative Force Press. "The I Finally Quit Movement" is available now for $14.77 (ISBN 978-1-939989-04-8) through and

Dave Ross has reached many people through his IFQ movement. His greatest hope is to involve millions of people in the online community, encouraging them that they can quit anything and don’t have to do it alone. To interview or book Dave Ross to speak at your next event, contact him directly at or 619-940-8980.

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