Free Apps to Improve Cisco UC User Experience Released

Aurus has released two free pieces of software for Cisco Unified Communications Manager to make work and client communications in companies easier.

Novosibirsk, Russia, March 20, 2015 --( The first app, External Caller ID, displays the name of an external caller on the Cisco IP phone or Cisco Jabber, making business communication easier for sales staff, for example. The app integrates with any SQL database, such as CRM, to retrieve the contact name associated with the calling phone number and displays the contact or company name on the Cisco IP phone or Cisco Jabber, thus extending “out of the box” caller ID functionality provided with Cisco UCM.

The second app, Cisco Mediasense UI provides users with useful and secure web interface for the archive of recorded calls and extends Cisco Mediasense recording functionality. The default “search and play” web interface to Cisco Mediasense only provides basic features, which are not enough for commercial use. Cisco itself recommends to consider Mediasense as a unified recording platform that requires 3rd party solutions to manage the recording. So, the Cisco Mediasense UI is exactly such an app, that allows users to:

● quickly find a call recording by client’s name, sorting and filtering the records
● manage access rights for recorded calls, based on user groups and phone line groups
● setup rules to record calls, depending on call direction and the phone number mask
● manage call recordings of several Mediasense instances.

Alexander Anoshin, CEO of Aurus, says, "When developing our products, we build software prototypes to test the new features of Cisco Collaboration solutions we're going to use. Later, we modify these pieces of software to be parts of Aurus products. Since they can solve a specific business issue on their own, we decided to share these prototypes individually, so engineers, who manage Cisco IP telephony, can use them to improve their company communications."

One can download External Caller ID here:

and get Cisco Mediasense UI here:

What's more, Cisco administrators can get a complete Cisco software bundle, PhoneUp, for free, if they use Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Enterprise or Business Edition:

Aurus is a Cisco Solution Partner and its managers and developers have spent years on developing software for hundreds of enterprises from finance, government, manufacturing, retail and other industries that rely on Cisco collaboration and contact center solutions. Aurus extends Cisco functionality with free, paid and custom software to solve specific business problems.
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