2G Networks’ M2M Can Still Bring in Substantial Profits for Mobile Operators, Finds TeleResearch Labs

TeleResearch Labs showcases how M2M services delivered over 2G networks can still ring in the big dollars for mobile network operators!

Potomac, MD, March 20, 2015 --(PR.com)-- With the mobile world marching on to NGNs, the all-important M2M apps’ very future has been put on the line. With literally the whole industry focusing on 4G networks, devices, apps and spectrum utilities, many players seem to have put safeguarding revenue-generating M2M apps on the backburner.

In fact, M2M apps are at peace in the 2G mobile sphere, with the majority of the infrastructure/ devices investment related to them having been made in the 2G sphere. Such apps include crucial PoS and m-payment apps that depend on 2G M2M networks for efficiency.

M2M profitability falls in the long range – deployed devices nesting in there for a number of years, supporting the related apps. If the service enablers have to keep changing devices consistently it will crucify M2M investment returns for a huge chunk of related apps. A majority of current/ future M2M apps are tasked with simple asset management/ tracking, needing extremely less bandwidth, for which 2G networks' capacity continue being enough. In refarming 2G spectrum for 3G/ 4G, operators should bookmark some of it for enabling thousands of devices deployed on 2G networks.

US-based telecom analyst firm TeleResearch Labs advises anti-2G protagonists that ripping apart a network costs more compared to let it be. On the other hand, with spectrum being a valuable resource, operators are looking to get apps off their 2G spectrum, in favour of getting on more data/ calls on the same piece of spectrum on NGNs.

Again, naturally, operators would be looking for most of that data on smartphones. The rest of the 2G spectrum can be left for running M2M devices as they would use very less data, keeping in mind that a single smartphone can eat up data in excess of what ten thousand M2M devices would use. So, why not leave a small amount of spectrum on your 2G networks, to support such M2M apps?

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