Affiliate Program Boosts Product Sales and Services for Dialing Innovations

Dialing Innovations, a global provider of telecommunications software and services, reports that their affiliates are earning thousands of dollars in monthly income and experience sales conversion rates of 50% through the company’s partnership marketing program.

Indianapolis, IN, March 24, 2015 --( Dialing Innovations is increasing the services of its dialer and call center solutions software and is growing the sales of their phone system technologies through the company’s affiliate marketing program.

The two tier affiliate program offered by Dialing Innovations pays monthly recurring commissions on new sales and on new sales from a referred affiliate. Affiliates are currently earning over a thousand dollars a month and are experiencing a sales conversion rate of 50% through the partners program.

“Our program is beneficial to both our affiliates and our business,” said Josh VonHauger, co-founder of Dialing Innovations. “Not only does the affiliate receive recurring financial compensation, but our company gains significant exposure as more and more businesses deploy our services and technologies through the affiliate program.”

Partners of the profit sharing program assist in the initial sales process by marketing the products and services of Dialing Innovations which include phone systems, call center applications, hot call transferring, and text message broadcasting. Affiliates of Dialing Innovations have the advantage of providing complete call center solutions and phone system technologies with innovative features designed specifically to meet each client’s telecommunication needs.

“Dialing Innovations has one-of-a-kind all-encompassing telecommunications systems with rich features and infinite scalability,” said affiliate Bill Cordray of Indianapolis based Kessler Communications Corporation. “I’m able to offer the best features and hardware that are less expensive to host and don’t require the system to be managed by my client.”

Another advantage affiliates have through the partnership program with Dialing Innovations is the ability to attract new prospects by offering a wider variety of telecommunication services, products, and solutions.

“My new client was previously using a lead generation service and software that required hand dialing,” said affiliate Scott Hook V.P. of Call Center Operations at Florida’s Digital Media Solutions. “Dialing Innovations was able to provide a more affordable user-friendly phone system featuring an automatic dialer integrated with their lead generation software.”

The pay-per-sale affiliate program is a web-based platform that uses OmniStar’s commerce tracking software to automatically calculate and pay commissions. The program is simple to use and provides affiliates access to an interface that includes marketing materials, training videos, sales information, reports, and progress updates. Affiliates are given an Advance Quote Form link that they submit to prospective clients. Once the form and sale are completed the affiliate starts receiving recurring commissions up to one year.

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Dialing Innovations is a global provider of services and software designed to improve customer experience. Dialing Innovations provides complete turnkey call center solutions and telecommunications technologies that are designed to ensure continuous value and rapid return on investment. Since 2011, the company has serviced industry leaders in call center, resort management, lead generation, finance, automotive, and fund raising. Dialing Innovations is a U.S. based company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. It can be reached toll free at 1-877-523-5384 or email For more information please visit
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