Soccer City. The Strategy Board Game for Football Lovers. New Crowdfunding Campaign Coming Soon.

Please allow Elegé to give you an update on Soccer City new developments. Elegé is re-launching their Kickstarter campaign to produce the English edition of Soccer City, The Beautiful Game.

Madrid, Spain, March 23, 2015 --( After some unsuccessful attempts, ( Elegé has been working hard to improve every weak point that backers briefed him on and now Elegé feel is ready to re-launch the campaign with renewed energies.

Elegé is adapting some points of their launching strategy to achieve his main goal: He would love all those who have supported him in previous campaigns to eventually have their new Soccer City.

Therefore, as suggested by his fans, Elegé is reducing the funding target and pledges, and he is adding some more exciting rewards and Stretch Goals, such as exclusive and Original Soccer City Miniatures: Elegé recruited senior professionals to transform the illustrations of the game in 3D figures. They will be high quality plastic miniatures that backers can pledge separately or by promotional packs. For those who love the aesthetic of the illustrations, they will be crazy about the Original Soccer City Miniatures.

Elegé has quoted the pledges very carefully. He has squeezed every penny of our budget in order to offer the best pledge possible, a 30% off, approximately. He reduced the funding goal in order to produce a smaller edition, more detailed and focused on his fans, the people that really wanted to have the game from the beginning.

This campaign is aimed to his non-Spanish-speakers fans to enjoy the thrill of playing SoccerCity, English version.

Elegé want to thank to all the people that supported the project in Spain and around the world. Gamers that already played Soccer City gave him exciting reviews and very good comments. The game has been reviewed in very important game board blogs as well as the BGG and BSK. Elegé can say that after a year and a half, Soccer City has become a success because the Spanish Edition is available in stores all over Spain.

If there is something Elegé has learned in previous campaigns is that promotion is critical. One of the communication tools he is using is the Print & Play version, which can be downloaded for free at his website so that you may try the best Football board game ever seen.

Elegé thank you all for your support and a last effort helping him to spread the voice for the upcoming re-launch of the campaign.

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Lisandro & Gonzalo

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