Tradition and Technology Merge in a New Free Universal RPG

New app makes tabletop RPG fun, fast, flexible and easy to play.

Greeley, CO, March 25, 2015 --( A stay at home dad and avid role play gamer has created a web application that tosses the book out of pen and paper gaming…along with the pen and paper. Now that the Fyxt RPG is in public beta testing, people are discovering they just need an internet connection,, and a few friends, and they can play anything they want, for free. Now it’s time to move the website to a server that can handle the load.

Troy Whitney’s application contains a simple ruleset, easy character building, and an ever-expanding database of player submitted content. The idea for the application was born of a desire for more freedom than existing role play gaming options present. “I wanted to play a game where the game mechanics aren’t tied to the role play,” says Whitney. “The Fyxt RPG is an easy to play base system that allows you to play any genre or story you want. The website enables you to make any story come to life.”

More and more people are discovering, and it has become obvious that the servers that currently house the website will not be able to keep up with demand. However, the required servers cost thousands of dollars a year. The website also needs to be available 24/7, so technical support is needed to troubleshoot any server issues and bring the site back online as soon as possible.

The one income household is already stretched thin trying to make the Fyxt RPG a reality, and the family budget cannot afford the expense of the upgrade. That’s why Whitney has launched a Kickstarter campaign, to try and crowdsource the funds. Kickstarter operates under an “all-or-nothing” funding model. If Whitney’s goal isn’t reached within the funding window, the project gets nothing. You can follow his progress on the Kickstarter page, on Facebook, and Twitter. Consider donating to the project. As little as a dollar can be donated, but bigger donations get bigger rewards.

About Troy Whitney
Troy Whitney is a web developer with fifteen years of experience creating applications, websites and databases.
Troy Whitney