QRC Receives US Patents for 4G Wireless Signal Discovery

QRC issued patents for using RF Spectrum information to detect the presence of OFDMA modulated signals employed in 4G wireless protocols such as LTE, WiMAX, and WiFi.

Fredericksburg, VA, March 26, 2015 --(PR.com)-- QRC Technologies has been awarded US patent numbers 8,976,906 and 8,982,971 for using RF Spectrum information to detect the presence of OFDMA signals.

OFDMA is the modulation used in most of the 'newest' types of wireless communication systems, including WiFi, WiMAX and LTE.

The patented approach is an excellent technique that helps the discovery of these popular systems using a quicker method than having to decode the signal itself.

“Acting based on only RF spectrum information, it is now possible to swiftly discover presence of OFDM signals,” said Sinisa Peric, QRC’s Chief Research and Development Engineer, and principal author of this patent. “This can be very useful for RF interference identification using spectrum analyzers, and for an LTE LAA network to quickly discover WiFi and other LTE networks it needs to coexist with in the unlicensed bands.”

"We are very excited to add to our expanding portfolio of patents this technique that allows the quick discovery of the newest wireless signals using only fast power scanning," added Tom Callahan, President and CEO of QRC Technologies. "It's because of algorithms like this that QRC leads the field in the rapid discovery and mapping of RF cellular signals and towers."

About QRC Technologies
QRC Technologies (QRC) specializes in RF Test and Measurement products, especially for cellular communications. QRC develops and produces survey tools for cellular communication systems, phone based measurement, stimulation tools, forensic tools, and integrated RF recording and playback equipment.

QRC was founded in 1987 and has been serving as a systems integrator since its inception, and in the last decade has expanded with a portfolio of RF Test and Measurement products. The company has over 60 employees in multiple locations, including Fredericksburg, VA and Gaithersburg, MD. QRC tools cover CDMA, WCDMA, GSM, EvDO, WiMAX, LTE, and WiFi protocols.
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