Attach-N-Wrap Top 5 Hair Loss Head Coverings for Alopecia and Cancer Patients

West Palm Beach, FL, March 24, 2015 --( Hair loss can be an intimidating time. You’ll be adjusting to the changes and deciding which steps to take. Some embrace their hair loss while some prefer to cover it up. If you’re choosing to cover the effects, there’s no right or wrong way to do so, but if you’re finding yourself overwhelmed with choice, it’s helpful to know your options.


Wigs are often a go-to choice for covering the effects of chemotherapy or alopecia as they’re easy to fit and providing they’re high quality, can often go undetected!


Hats can be a stylish way to express your style while keeping your hair loss covered and ensuring your head stays warm. There are a huge range of hats available from baseball caps to berets, so find one that fits your style and incorporate it into your favorite outfits.

Head Wraps

Whether you’re looking for a unique head wrap, cancer scarf or cancer patient gifts, AttachNWrap will offer the right product.

The easily adjustable, stylish chemo scarves and wraps come in plenty of colors and are well made with deluxe fabrics. They’re easy to wear, covering signs of alopecia or even just concealing a bad hair day.


By following the simple how-to guide on the AttachNWrap blog, it’s easy to turn your head scarf or covering into a stylish turban.

The AttachNWrap detachable extension pieces are easy to combine with head scarves or wraps. Starting at just $29.99, you can enjoy the long, luxurious waves you’ve always wanted. Available in an array of colors from cool blonde to deep black, your ideal shade and style are out there, ready for you to own.

No matter which method you choose, confidence is key, so head out and rock your new style, you look great!
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