Fevrie Launches Tendance Project on Kickstarter

Online fashion house uses unique concept and Kickstarter platform to help millions of women buy high fashion for affordable prices

Los Angeles, CA, March 26, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Fevrie, an online based fashion house that speaks to the modern woman and embodies a true collaboration between the sophistication of Europe and the lively spirit of America, announced their launching of The Fevrie Tendance Project on Kickstarter. Fevrie hopes that through this project, they will be able to help all women buy high fashion goods at an affordable price.

“We at Fevrie have a commitment to bring perfectly designed, high-quality clothing that’s made in the USA at an affordable price. Our journey was to find young up and coming designers who want to make a change in fashion. We carefully selected a handful of up and coming Parisian fashion designers to help us create the Fevrie brand,” said Fevrie Tendance Creative Director, Julia Chase. “We at Fevrie are connected with more than 100 fashion influencers guaranteeing that all the backers of this project will get the latest on trend items which are styled by some of the best fashion bloggers and social influencers.”

Fevrie believes that all women are looking for designer fashion at prices that we can afford. The brand sources fabrics from all over the world and bringing them to the U.S. to be manufactured, giving more job opportunities to Americans who need it. Fevrie cut costs by dealing directly with the designers and manufacturing in the USA, cutting out the middleman, but not compromising design, fit and fabrication.

Fevrie is asking for support to raise funds for The Fevrie Tendance Project, to assist in getting young designers into the marketplace and to getting consistent, affordable fashion directly to the public. Backers are guaranteed to get a quality garment of their choice. The Fevrie Tendance Project campaign will launch on Kickstarter March 23, 2015. Visit our page to learn more and to give support: http://tendance.fevrie.com
Saralyn Kroeker