DID Router Solution Highlighted by Ecosmob on Asterisk Specific Website

Ecosmob Technologies has highlighted the advanced DID Router solution on their Asterisk specific website to get connected across PSTN and VoIP network. It is reliable, secure and easy to use solution. The solution reduces the workload of receptionists thereby increases the efficiency of overall business performance.

Ahmedabad, India, March 27, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Ecosmob Technologies is an advanced business solutions provider that has highlighted a next generation Direct Inward Dialing Router software on their Asterisk specific website. With the increasing need of technology advancement and supporting the need of effective communication, the company thought of developing a solution that can become a boon to multiple business verticals.

A spokesperson from Ecosmob Technologies has stated, “DID Router solution is developed by an experienced team of VoIP developers and is augmented with robust features. The system requires no extra plug-ins or hardware support for setup. Though being highly advanced, its features are simple and easy to use. Via PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) network, DID Router software enables users get connected from any nook and corner of the world. It works as a call distributor and routes the call to predefined DID number.”

In any business, manpower and money are the great resources to be utilized at correct place. The solution is user friendly and eliminates the most workload of receptionists. Ultimately, the precious time and manpower both are saved and can be used for something more important. Thus, it aids in improving the business efficiency very effectively.

It was informed by the spokesperson that this VoIP software is a versatile full bodied solution tailored with surplus of modern features. It exhibits the flexible call routing and also helps reducing the hold times. While discussing about the helpfulness of the DID Router solution, the spokesperson exhibits following benefits:

Reduce dependency upon attendants

Effectively handles the incoming traffic

Enhances the overall performance of the business

Directly routes incoming calls to right person/ department

Exhibits reduced hold times

Staff can receive calls even in after-hours

The spokesperson further informed, “If a person is not available at the time when a call comes, DID Router solution diverts the call to his personal number. It allows an employee to take calls even after the working hours so that the business can smoothly grow without facing any loop hole due to unavailability of a staff member.”

Direct Inward Dialing Solution is the technically sound software which is best suited for the small scaled businesses. It routes incoming calls to a predefined destination and efficiently handles the incoming traffic. The solution is user friendly, easy to configure and designed to assist complex routing. It is the best solution that offers greater quality and security.

In a nutshell, the DID Router solution is best suited for remote communication across the entire globe. Due to its user friendliness, reliability, ease of use and high security, it is perfect for various business verticals including Healthcare, Banking and Finance, Telecommunication, Insurance, Tourism, Hospitality, Training, Education and many other sectors.

To get more information about direct inward dialing software, visit https://www.asteriskservice.com/did-router-solution.html
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