New Historical Fiction Novel About Motor Racing Heroes Receives Rave Reviews from Top Media Outlets

Author Sandro Martini is pleased to announce the promotion of his historical novel, "Tracks: Racing the Sun." This book has received rave reviews from top media outlets including The New York Times, Motor Sport Magazine, and racing legend Mario Andretti.

New York, NY, March 27, 2015 --( In this epic story about the motor-racing heroes of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, legendary characters battle to win incredible races on switchback roads along the edges of ravines. Exploring the relationships between the champions as much as the sporting events themselves, this is a thrilling tale based on the true rivalries, triumphs and disasters during a fascinating period in European sporting history.

Recent Praise for "Tracks: Racing the Sun"
"'Tracks' is written in a romantic, nostalgic tone, almost with a film noir feel ... an eye-opener." -- The New York Times

"Every fan of motor racing should read this book. How the legendary Italian drivers of the past forged the sport we love today with blood and bone." - Mario Andretti, motor sport legend

"It's racy stuff in more ways than one. (...) The subsequent decade of research has resulted in a dramatic and lively novel, set in an era that has always been ripe for this type of fictional treatment. It would make a good movie." - Motor Sport Magazine (October 2014)

"We're sold! (...) This early period of motorsport, when men danced on a knife-edge between victory and death, is hugely compelling, and Tracks tells its story in a way that's illuminating and entertaining." - Motorsports Retro

"Tracks: Racing the Sun" is available in print and ebook formats.

Book Details:
"Tracks: Racing the Sun"
By Sandro Martini
Publisher: Aurora Metro Press
Published: September 2014
ISBN: 978-1906582432
ASIN: B00M291L00
Pages: 336
Genre: Historical Fiction

About The Author:
Sandro Martini is a seasoned journalist who has worked in Italy and the USA. He has spent years researching the facts and creating a story which tells us much about men, their addiction to speed and the love of the machine at a particular time in history.

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