Brownies: Hidden World of Cute Tiny Creatures Awaits in a New Time-Management Game

Krasnoyarsk, Russia, March 28, 2015 --( Sugar Games releases a new family time-management game for Windows - Brownies. The game plot and graphics together inweave the real-world objects into magical substances of the Brownieville and involve a player in the gameplay. Intriguing plot twists, cute characters and kind aura of friendship make the game an ideal choice for kids and their parents.

In Brownies, a casual game by Sugar Games, mundane interior objects are a home for tiny creatures named brownies. Normally their world is hidden, and getting to this land isn't easy, but that's what happened to Mrs. Smith. And here is where the Brownies game starts. During the fascinating journey to this itty-bitty world, a player meets many charismatic characters, enjoys picturesque landscapes blending mundane with magic and helps cute little brownies to rebuild facilities of their village destroyed by evil Boggart.

Based on a simple time-management concept the game gradually complicates posing new challenges to the player. Collect more resources, rebuild ruined constructions, find lost items and so on. At the same time, goals of each mission are clear, so the player is never stuck and remains involved in the game.

The pastoral style of game´s graphics and soulful hand-made animation look absolutely appropriate and are definitely one of the hallmarks of Brownies. A green meadow spreading atop of an old gramophone, a thick forest among grandma's clews or her glasses lost in the berry bushes - every stage of the game has something to surprise. And nice folk-style music reminds of Celtic legends the brownies came from.

With 50 levels to beat, plenty of magic stuff to explore and many secrets to discover, Brownies is hands down a kind of casual games that users tend to play for much longer.

Pricing and availability
The demo version of Brownies is available for free. The full version costs $9.95. The game supports Windows 98 or higher. Mac OS X, iOS and Android versions of the game will be released shortly.

Interesting facts about the game:

Total length of roads in the game - 46 ml. It's more than the length of railroads in all of Africa.
Total amount of bakeries in the game is 95. Enough to bake 143 t of bread every day. To transport it all, one would need 95 trucks.
The Smiths store 7,134 stones of food. This amount is enough to feed 9,000 people.
Wood produced in-game is enough to make 7,500 books. It´s more than 6,088 stones.
The stone mined in this game can be used to build 3 towers of Pisa. More than 45 t.
Roughly 9,284 stones of gold is mined. It´s roughly a gold reserve of Argentina.
There are 100 gardeners in the game. It´s the exact number of gardeners that worked on creating the Exbury gardens that covered 81 ha.
Throughout the game, mom burns 17600 kcal. It´s enough to run a marathon 8 times.
The Smiths transport 190 t of load throughout the game. It´s the weight of 350 cows.


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Sugar Games was founded in 2004. The company focuses on development of family and kids games as opposed to militaristic and aggressive games typically offered by the industry. Among successful titles developed by Sugar Games are Rainbow Web with over 10 millions of downloads and Wedding Salon, a second place at in the time-management game category.
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