TargetGov Class - Alan Boykin and Frank Anderson Instruct Government Contractors on How to Develop Successful Contracting Officer Relationships

Alan Boykin and Frank Anderson, government and industry acquisition experts from PACE, LLC, will teach government contracting students the techniques and strategies vendors should use to engage with their government counterparts. They will demonstrate how to effectively and successfully engage the COR. Students will learn key principles and best-practices to impact the effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability of government contracts.

Baltimore, MD, March 28, 2015 --( This class will enable you to better understand the value proposition to enhance customer-client relationships and increase your ability to exceed expectations.

Alan Boykin, Biography
PACE LLC President and CEO
Mr. Boykin is PACE, LLC President and CEO. He is a senior instructor and consultant specializing in advanced contract management topics, including Contract Planning, Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) certification, Pricing, Negotiations, Subcontract Management and more. Mr. Boykin’s experience includes contracting support, consulting, and training services for a myriad of industry and government agencies. He has developed and taught a variety of contract management training courses for more than 20 years for the Defense Acquisition University (DAU), Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) and other public and private sectors organizations. He has a proven record as a high achieving Training and Development professional with demonstrated ability to organize, lead, coach, train and develop people to consistently exceed strategic business goals. Mr. Boykin is a retired Colonel with the U.S. Air Force with 27 years of service. From his military career, he garners many years’ experience in both Contract and Program Management. For the past three years he has served as both the Executive Director and Chief Learning Officer for the National Contract Management Association (NCMA). Prior to joining NCMA, he served as Assistant Professor and Course Director for DAU. Special Assistant to the DAU President; Deputy Chief, Contracting and Acquisition, Business Transformation Agency; and Deputy Chief, Contract Policy, Pentagon. Mr. Boykin was also instrumental in the development, deployment, and course instruction of the Contract Management Reference Guides, denoted in the Federal Acquisition Regulation at FAR 15.404-1(a)(vii), now used as tools for the entire Federal workforce.

Frank Anderson, Biography
Frank J. Anderson, Jr. is PACE Chairman. He has over 44 years of combined military and public sector experience in government contract management. As a member of the Federal Senior Executive Service, he was the Chief Learning Officer for the defense acquisition workforce. As a Brigadier General, he served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) of the Air Force (AF) (Contracting). In 2000, he became the President of Defense Acquisition University He played a key leadership role in re-engineering the current training programs for both program managers and the contracting workforce. He was the DOD representative and Chairman of the International Defense Educational Arrangement composed of defense acquisition educational institutions from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Australia. As DAS, he was the senior official responsible the for AF contracting system. As Director of Contracting for Aeronautical Systems Center, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, he led the largest field contracting organization in the AF. This included oversight of the largest pricing organization in the AF. Mr. Anderson has in-depth experience in contract management. He was the AF Plant Commander for North American Rockwell. As Deputy Director, Contract Management Division and Director, Subcontract Management Division, he was also responsible for surveillance of a major defense contractor’s subcontracting program. Mr. Anderson’s source selection experience includes being a participant in over 30 source selections having served as a source selection evaluator, member of the Source Selection Advisory Committee on major acquisition source selections, and as a Source Selection Authority. Other relevant experiences include Chief, Construction Buying Branch, and contracting officer; services buyer; supply buyer, and earned value management specialist.
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