Click4Corp Introduces New Web Design Techniques

Click4Corp, a web development and digital marketing company in Plano, TX, will be implementing responsive design for websites in 2015.

Plano, TX, March 28, 2015 --( The way users interact with websites has changed due to the expansive usage of phones and tablets with advanced web-browsing capability. The way websites interact with these portable devices is not the same as with desktop computer monitors. Many factors are different, such as clicking versus touch screen, screen size, resolution, adobe flash support, and more.

Click4Corp intends to offer responsive design as an option for any clients wanting to leap forward in the technology available for their website. Sites in 2015 are typically more successful and high profile when they are responsive, and therefore reach a wider audience. Creating the responsive sites typically takes longer than a normal website, so naturally, they are more expensive. However, making a responsive site means you do not to create duplicates of a website as a "desktop-version" and a "mobile-version." By eliminating that necessity you cut total development costs. Owning a responsive site also preserves capital by taking away the maintenance costs for two or more sites, and only requiring it for one.

The long-term benefits of responsive sites make these websites smart investments. An important function of a responsive site to businesses is that clients will now be able to tap into internet traffic that originates from mobile devices, which is constantly growing. This growth suggests that eventually all websites may be held to a standard that requires responsiveness. User experience is also drastically improved, regardless which devices are used. The way to move forward is within responsive design, in a world where digital content must be viewed on a vast array of different platforms. Click4Corp sees 2015 as a time to advance its techniques and expand its services, now more than ever.

About Click4Corp:

Click4Corp ( is a growing professional Internet web hosting and design firm, providing quality business solutions designed for small and medium-sized organizations. They provide services that utilize Internet technology to create new business opportunities for clients. Click4Corp is dedicated to guiding our clients through the decision making process about what solution best meets their objectives. In addition, we place emphasis on ensuring they are comfortable with details such as our support quality, pricing structure and industry standard features. We are committed to offering change in the Internet hosting industry by placing value on tradition.

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