Renatus Published Its Next Match 3 Title Ice Cream Splash on Facebook

The casual games publisher Renatus Media presented its new title Ice Cream Splash. Already available on Facebook, the game is a classical Match 3 of trace-a-line type, which offers to take on a journey with plenty of delicious ice creams to match.

Menlo Park, CA, March 29, 2015 --( Ice Cream Splash is a game about hero. Not that stereotypical hero with muscles and superpowers. This time Renatus comes up with an amazing story about an ordinary ice cream vendor, who by chance sets off on a round-the-world tour on his truck.

The app is set in absolutely different places: exotic and traditional, ancient and modern, welcoming and hostile. The only thing common for all of them is that there is not a cone of ice cream for miles around. However, there are crowds of unhappy kids longing for delicious dainty.

Basically, players need to connect ice creams in long lines in order to complete levels. Yet, Ice Cream Splash brings a bunch of other exciting challenges, which contribute to overall experience. At times the game requires players to collect only ice creams of certain colors and flavors, or bring milk packages to the bottom of the board, or remove sticky jelly. Ice Cream Splash feels perfectly balanced and fun to play, especially for girls.

Chocolate eskimo pies, creamy gelatos, melting popsicles, sweet and crunchy ice cream cones - it’s all there in the Match 3 adventure that has just started on Facebook. Aside from tasty content, the app has nice visuals and soundtrack. Ice Cream Splash is like playing inside a Pixar cartoon: everything works for the atmosphere and player’s pleasure.

For those who like challenges, there are a lot of them in Ice Cream Splash. Annoying jellies and candies will block the way, but Renatus made sure to provide a range of powerful boosters to equalize it. Player can scoop unnecessary ice creams with Icy Spoon or clear a whole line of sweets by shooting from a Cross Rocket. They add action, boost the excitement and player’s score.

Kids are waiting for an all-mighty ice cream hero, so each fan of Match 3 games is welcome to play:
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