Vitality Medical Announces New Offering of SCA Incontinence Products

Vitality Medical now offers a full line of SCA Tena products on their medical supply website. SCA manufactures absorbent products that are designed to help adults and youths who are living with incontinence.

Salt Lake City, UT, March 29, 2015 --( Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA), the manufacturers of the Tena brand, is featured along with its incontinence products for order through Vitality Medical’s online retail website, The Tena brand includes underpads, adult diapers and disposable wipes and unique varieties of other products for caregivers and those with bladder control challenges that need access to high quality hygiene products.

SCA Tena makes several lines of medical supplies, which can essentially give people back their freedom to leave the house without fear of accidents. Tena products can change the lives of those living with incontinence.

Many Tena products have specially made absorbent material and specific design technology to make for superior odor and wetness absorption. This includes the Tena Dry Fast Core™ to provide enhanced wicking properties that rapidly lock in liquid. Another feature of Tena products called OdaSorb™ balances pH when wetness occurs, while also neutralizing odors. This prevents a person from smelling like they’ve had an accident.

One top performing Tena product is a disposable underpad that is typically used over a mattress. Many caregivers and those with incontinence rely on additional protective absorbers overnight, and the disposable underpad protects the underlying mattress and the skin with a material that has a 50 percent greater liquid holding capacity than a standard underpad.

Tena briefs, diapers, and adult absorbent underwear are also highly attractive to Vitality Medical supply shoppers as they are made to help all people–man, woman, young and old. Some of the more unique products that on Vitality Medical now carries are the Tena Youth Briefs. What’s interesting about these is that a youth size is often hard-to-find. Most diaper manufacturers focus on child and adult sizes without offering a size in-between them.

Tena is quickly proving to be one of the more popular brands for those who need daily incontinence assistance. The products give patients and caregivers consistent results with the assurance against leaks, odors and embarrassment.

Vitality Medical is offering these Tena products to bolster their expanding line of incontinence items. Vitality Medical is now carrying multiple lines of Tena products for quick order and delivery to individuals and healthcare facilities alike.

Founded in January 2000, Vitality Medical provides quality medical supplies at wholesale prices to individual customers, hospitals, medical practices and hospice facilities. They offer more than 70,000 individual products across a broad range of applications and descriptions.
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Megan Weiler