Tahuti Antiquarian Occult Bookstore Website Launch

Unveiling of the much anticipated Tahuti Antiquarian, an occult bookstore with a focus on Rosicrucianism, demonology, alchemy and relevant subjects. With multiples images of covers and interior pages, as well as free shipping, Tahuti is poised to become a leader in rare and classic occult books.

Tecumseh, MI, March 30, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Combined classic and rare occult books, including latest technological site platform, enhanced search integration and multiple image display.

Unlocked and presented to the online occult community this afternoon is the much-anticipated unveiling of Tahuti Antiquarian, a brand-new and innovative antique occult bookstore and content-driven website with both the collector and occult connoisseur in mind. Tahuti was launched to provide a missing link between seller and purchaser of rare occult books. The features of Tahuti’s web presence will surely make any potential customer’s visit a most welcomed experience. Tahuti boasts the capability for patrons to view enlarged photos of all books in their inventory, implementing the most modern imaging technology to ensure visibility of the positive and negative qualities of each book, including interior pages, an almost unheard-of act in the book industry as a whole.

“We have felt for a very long time that there has been a gigantic gap between the tripartite arena of seller, book and the customer,” states Sean N. Parsons, CEO, web designer and multi-faceted specialist for Tahuti Antiquarian. “Over the last decade, it seems even basic technology is severely absent from most bookstores online. From our experience—and we’ve purchased thousands of books, so we have a very deep knowledge of this—most booksellers are merely interested in adding as many items as they can, taking a quick photo and giving errant descriptions. We felt it necessary to completely reinvent the bookselling paradigm, from the bottom up. What Tahuti offers is not only enlarged images of the boards and jackets, but each book’s inner pages as well. In addition, although we do state all relevant information and conditions, we have completely eliminated the tech-speak. In most cases, that type of language is merely an exercise in snobbery…as most customers don’t have the slightest clue what an ‘8vo’ or a ‘conjugal leaf’ is. When you have images, that kind of tech-speak isn’t necessary. To show is much better than to tell.”

Incentives, Incentives, Incentives

Coupled with the latest in detailed imagery and web design functionality, Tahuti goes even further. One of the most unique aspects of the new enterprise is the addition of Polyester Film (known to most as Mylar). Every book with a dust-jacket is sheathed inside an easily removable, archival-quality sheeting. Polyester Film is a form of heat-resisting resin that when placed over the dust-jacket, will severely limit the production of invasive elements such as molds, oils and mildew, and is necessary in the conservation of the book as a whole.

One of the most enticing features, however, is free shipping to all fifty states. Many online bookstores will also offer free shipping, but this is generally constrained to what is termed the lower forty-eight. “We kind of felt Alaska and Hawaii were constantly getting screwed,” says Parsons. “Not only do they have to be more patient than most to get their books, but they have to pay when others don’t, as well. We didn’t think that was a very fair way to treat a customer. So yeah, we might take a little hit on the shipping, but that is perfectly acceptable—and it should be. We’re a community of souls as much as a bookstore, and try to make ease of access to our books a reality. ”

A New Wave of Online Bookselling?

Easily one of the most unique aspects of Tahuti Antiquarian as whole is its proposition stated in the ‘VII’ section of the website. Created as a model on which to do business, the Seven Principles of Tahuti is an unequivocal and obvious call-to-action for those worthy to follow it. Rather than indulge in details, we have reprinted it below:

The Seven Principles of Tahuti

I. You will always have the ability to view the Exact book you are interested in.

II. You will always be able to ENLARGE the view to see it better.

III. You will always see Multiple Images of the Interior of any book you are interested in.

IV. You will always be provided with more images & information if you request them.

V. You will always be given honest information about the condition.

VI. You will always receive Free shipping if you are in any of the fifty-states.

VII. You will always have two full weeks after you receive your book to return it:

at their expense.

A Look at the Future

So what is in store for Tahuti Antiquarian? Many things, according to Parsons. “Currently we are in the midst of adding a section where patrons can purchase high-quality mugs, t-shirts and some other items that adhere to our various occult subjects, like alchemy, demons, mystical art and more. These will be classic woodcuts, engravings and other matter printed from books from the inception of the Gutenberg Press up to the very early twentieth-century.” Also in the works is what could be one of the largest pdf collections of occult ephemera online. “Our intention is for individuals who sign-up for our newsletter or join one of our social media sites to have access to thousands of difficult-to-obtain books, for free of course. As we already own master resell rights to these, we will also offer collections that can be purchased for a small price. For free, of course.”

More Information

Tahuti Antiquarian can be found at tahutiantiquarian.com. Don’t forget to sign-up for their newsletter, Facebook and Twitter for updates and new acquisitions.
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