New York-Area Family of Plane Crash Survivors Share Their Experiences

Three members of the same immediate family survive three separate plane crashes.

Mendham, NJ, March 30, 2015 --( What are the chances of three immediate family members surviving separate plane crashes? For the Suerig family, apparently quite high.

Robin Suerig Holleran of Mendham, NJ, survived a near-fatal crash near Atlanta, Georgia in 2005, albeit with a broken back and other injuries. Her father, Karl Suerig of Greenwich, CT survived after the plane he was riding in clipped a tree and nosedived down the side of a cliff just east of Albany, NY in 1997. And her brother Chris Suerig of Flemington, N.J. crashed in an ultralight during a failed takeoff in Plattekill, NY in 2010. Her mother’s stepfather was not so lucky—and died, along with forty-nine others when a Pan Am flight crashed in the jungles of northern Brazil on April 29, 1952.

Robin is a co-author of "Bracing for Impact: True Tales of Air Disasters and People Who Survived Them" being released by Skyhorse Publishing in October 2015. Her family’s stories, along with 13 others, cover not just the details of the crash, but how that experience impacted their lives afterward.

About "Bracing for Impact"
In this collection of true-life survivor tales, people from all walks of life—a freelance writer, a crew member of the Lynyrd Skynyrd band, a naval flight surgeon, a teenager, and a newlywed on her honeymoon, among others—recount their traumatic narrow escapes as engines stalled, fuel ran out, hazardous weather conditions descended, and landings did not go according to plan. In the face of death, as life flashed before their eyes—or not, as some wryly note—these survivors encountered the terrific split of before and after the crash. Their lives, though preserved, would change forever.

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