Bridge Launches Global Marketplace for Software Teams -

An online platform that enables organizations to find and hire software teams from all over the globe.

Schiphol, Netherlands, April 03, 2015 --( An online platform that enables organizations to find and hire software teams from all over the globe. In the US, this phenomenon is already common. In Europe, however, people didn’t know about this until now. Earlier this year, Bridge Global IT Staffing launched Ekipa: a marketplace that unites the demand for building software and teams that do just that. Clients may submit a variety of requests from a mobile app or responsive webshop to niche technologies such as Ruby on Rails or Python. Within 2 months, 100 teams from the Netherlands, India, and many Eastern European countries have registered.

Specialist IT Knowledge Is the Key

The global software outsourcing phenomenon is not new. Many organizations have opted for this solution to save costs. However, by focusing on costs or by selecting a generic provider from one’s own network, companies risk working with IT teams that have no specialized experience building the specific software the company needs. Often, projects go wrong because of this mismatch. Bridge Global IT Staffing has seen this happen many times throughout the past 10 years. Ekipa offers organizations an easy way to select software teams that have built similar software before.

The Last Barrier to Outsourcing Software Development Is Gone

“Especially the search function in Ekipa is important for customers,” according to Hugo Messer, Ekipa’s CEO. “As an example, by searching the industry the software is built for as a criterion, a customer gets an overview of teams that have built solutions for companies in the same industry. All teams on Ekipa are vetted. This gives customers confidence that they work with professional teams [that are] familiar with a matter in question. Moreover, Ekipa always stays engaged in a collaboration that is established through the platform; we remove the last barrier for people to outsource their software development globally.”

The First User Experience: 22 Times

The market has noticed the launch of Ekipa. Today, several companies have already placed a project request. Recently, Ekipa booked its first deal. “Through Ekipa, I got four international software teams presented. I selected two that match our vision and the specific project requirements. The experience of the team, as well as the engagement of Ekipa, gave us the confidence that we have found the best software team at short notice,” says Erwin Moojen, CEO of 22 Times.

About Ekipa

Ekipa is the global marketplace where (SME) organizations can find global software teams to build their software quickly and easily. The vetted teams available on Ekipa are able to offer a whole gamut of development services: websites, webshops, ERP systems, mobile apps, and niche technologies such as Ruby on Rails or Python. So far, over 100 software teams from the US, the Netherlands, India, and several Eastern European countries have registered with Ekipa—and the number keeps increasing daily.

About Bridge Global IT Staffing

From their offices in the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany, Bridge Global IT Staffing helps companies improve their businesses through Global IT staffing. The well-educated IT population in the offshore and nearshore development offices of Bridge in Ukraine and India strengthen IT departments and software firms, helping them to create pragmatic software solutions.
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