The ShutterBee App for Travelers Gaining Audiences and Taking New Heights

The ShutterBee App for iPhone has just come out with a major update. The app lets users share their travel experiences through photo and story posts, explore new places, create a bucket list of destinations to visit, find travel companions and more.

New York, NY, April 09, 2015 --( A free app for iPhone, ShutterBee is a travel journal and blogging platform in one. Users can create multi-photo stories, post panorama shots or just a single photo, with an option to tag posts with weather and location information.

The app positions itself as a mix of a social network with a blogging platform, offering more advanced features compared to top social apps, such as Instagram or Flickr. ShutterBee provides several ways to connect with other users, including through private messages, by following someone, commenting on posts and by sharing content via other social networks. As a travel journal, it allows users to automatically check in at places, keep track of destinations visited on a trip and create a bucket list for future travels. The variety of post types lets users share photos and commentary, create stories and hold discussions.

Unlike many other apps of its kind, ShutterBee lets users create posts while offline to be uploaded when an Internet connection is available. The latest update adds the functionality that allows posting photos from camera roll and attaching the location info the photo is tagged with, instead of the user’s current location. Both of these features are designed for travelers taking off-the-beaten-track tours where Internet may not be widely accessible.

“ShutterBee enjoys a multi-cultural audience of people from all over the world, who are genuinely curious about other destinations and who love to share the best of their home country or town,” says Anna Clark of ShutterBee. “Before you travel anywhere, you can use ShutterBee to meet people from that location and make friends. That works much better than using a guidebook: you get inside info on your destination, can ask questions about it and have more fun while traveling.”

The ShutterBee app is available for free from the Apple AppStore. More information on the app can be found at, promotions are often run on the app’s Facebook page at or through various travel blogs and online magazines.

Company Background
ShutterBee is an Australian startup that began as a project within a well-known publisher of PC optimization software for Microsoft Windows®. A team of 6 driven individuals had been working on the ShutterBee app for iPhones since October of 2013 and launched it in April of 2014. Another successful iOS app project by the ShutterBee team is Zoomr – a social app that lets users post self-destructing images and comments while staying completely anonymous. More information on the Zoomr app is available at
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