Rugged Computing Takes on a New Meaning with Cybernet’s Industrial Computer Lineup

Cybernet's newest line of mini PCs has been uniquely designed to perform in even the harshest of conditions.

Irvine, CA, April 12, 2015 --( Cybernet Manufacturing, a market leader in world-class, all-in-one computer systems, couples portability and reliability with durability and ruggedness through its newest line of mini PCs.

Cybernet’s industrial computer product line has been designed keeping in view the fact that computers performing industrial-grade processing are frequently exposed to unforgivingly high levels of temperature, pressure, shock, vibration, and humidity.

The durability inherent to Cybernet’s industrial computers – the IPC-R1, IPC-R2 and IPC-R3 – are an outcome of two vital design interventions: the strength of the product’s housing and the robustness of the constituent electronic subsystems.

To survive in demanding operational conditions, Cybernet’s industrial computers are equipped with external housing made of materials having high tensile-strength ratings. The units are also built to comply with Ingress Protection marking specifications for dust-proofing and protection against accidental spills.

The electronics under the hood is fortified with military grade, high-performance components for greater reliability and overall superior product longevity. Custom built capacitors on board the Cybernet’s industrial computer offer high energy storage and voltage hold-up, vital for uninterrupted operation of the units.

Cybernet’s industrial computers do not make use of conventional ribbon wiring. Instead, purpose-built ruggedized harnesses are employed for inter-modular connectivity. This permits Cybernet’s industrial computers to endure the effect of harsh operational environments on process control and data-reliability.

Additionally, the Panel PC variants – IPC-R3 and iOne-N19 – are equipped with a vivid, touch screen. The display panel on-board Cybernet’s all-in-one industrial computers is ideal for readability and operation, even in poorly lit environments. The touch screen is highly responsive, sensitive enough to work seamlessly even with protective gear on.

“Cybernet’s industrial computers guarantee the integrity and accuracy of the underlying industrial process – all without losing or flipping a single bit of data,” stated Ali A. Bagheri, Senior VP Global Communications at Cybernet. “No matter how demanding the deployment challenge stands, our industrial computers pack a solid punch.”

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