What do You do After Teaching 30 Years? Retired Jacksonville, Florida Teacher Does the "Write" Thing. Her Third Book, "The Bird Dog and the Bird" is Now Released.

Jill Handler Grens retired from teaching in the Jacksonville Public School District after teaching 30 years. Her company, Big Bang Books are books with a bang of humor and a big lesson at the end. In her new book, "The Bird Dog and the Bird," the lesson is.. things aren't always how they are supposed to be. We are the keeper of our key which will determine which way our mind will be. Will our mind be opened or closed?

Jacksonville, FL, April 16, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Retired Florida Teacher Does the "Write" Thing Including Life Lessons in Each of her Books.

Jill Handler Grens has just released her third book, "The Bird Dog and the Bird."

After publishing "Zippy The Caterpillar and The Big Race" she enjoyed sharing with students in the schools. She found that the kids really enjoyed talking about the theme and the lesson that the book held. The story of the fuzzy caterpillar who gets entered into a race, doesn't know the rules, finishes first but doesn't get his medal was a great lesson in attitude and having the choice to be sappy or happy.

Her latest book, "The Bird Dog and the Bird," is based on a true story about her husband wanting a labrador retriever even though they have a parrot at home.

You can imagine this would be a setting for disaster. Well... there were times in the story that this would be true.

You will find as stated in the book The Bird Dog and The Bird..."Things aren't always how they are supposed to be. They can be different don't you agree?" "You are the keeper of the key-which way is your mind going to be."

Jill will be signing, selling, and reading her books this Saturday April 18th, at the Riverside Arts Market from 10:00-4:00. She is scheduled to read at 2:30.

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