New Pirate Series Debuts with a Splash

"The Cheese Pirates: Cheddar Island" is a novel you don't want to miss.

Seattle, WA, April 16, 2015 --( In the tradition of classic swashbucklers comes "The Cheese Pirates: Cheddar Island," a tale of daring seamice and epic adventure set in Tillamook Bay, Oregon. "Cheddar Island," the first book in "The Cheese Pirates" series, has been endorsed by Lynne Reid Banks—acclaimed author of The Indian in the Cupboard—was released in 2014. Since then, it has received a landslide of 5-star reviews on Amazon from readers of all ages. The cover won a First Place Blue Ribbon award in September of 2014, and the sequel is slated for release in the fall of 2015.

"'The Cheese Pirates' is the brainchild of Oregon native Christina Lewis, a career writer whose extensive research on classical pirates and the rich history of Tillamook Bay lends considerable depth to her stories. She says she met Captain Pepper Jack one night as he sat next to a model clipper ship on her fireplace mantel.

“He was a stuffed squirrel, actually,” Lewis recalls with a laugh. “But I had a lot of the story in my head already, and I knew instantly that he was a seamouse captain named Pepper Jack.”

The industrious colony of merchant mice in Tillamook Bay sail their miniature galleons loaded with cargoes of cheese, root beer, seeds, grains, and other mousy goods across dangerous waters. They face many perils at sea, including birds of prey, sea monsters, and the dreaded PiRats.

“All of these dangers are true to Tillamook Bay,” Lewis explains. “Fisherman from all over the world come to Tillamook for the trophy-sized king salmon, and over 150 species of birds migrate along the Oregon Coast every year—including ospreys, owls, and eagles. So you might imagine the serious problems these creatures would present to little seamice along their shipping routes.”

In a world populated by mice, there are legends of mermice and lost treasures of cheese, a city called Cheddarton and the mysterious Isle of Bleu Cheese. Mice are named after various types of cheeses (Commodore Roquefort, Princess Cream Cheese, and Old Salt Gouda among them). Details such as root beer instead of rum and using rabbits for pack animals add to the series’ charm. Readers are noting that The Cheese Pirates appeals to all ages, including adults. Its fluid, fast-paced narrative keeps the pages turning and leaves you wanting more by the end.

Lynne Reid Banks, author of The Indian in the Cupboard, has this to say about "Cheddar Island":

“'Pirates of the Caribbean', move over! Make room for a crew of mouse-privateers who will capture your hearts and stop your breath with their thrilling sea-going adventures! A wonderful story, full of bold mice, good and wicked, who will show you what courage really means. No human sea-faring brigand could exceed the 'Cheese Pirates' in daring adventures.”

"The Cheese Pirates: Cheddar Island" is available on Amazon as a Kindle e-book and in paperback. Visit the Amazon page at to read samples and order the book, or email inquiries to Captain Pepper Jack directly at

Christina Lewis is an author, editor, ghostwriter, and story consultant. When she isn’t writing or correcting the world’s grammar errors, she designs award-winning jewelry, trains horses and cats, and creates Lightning Art. She splits her time between Spokane and Seattle, Washington.
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