Excel Software Ships LicenseSupport 3 to Simplify Software License Management

LicenseSupport 3 adds features to the customer support application to extend Trial editions, read and write license activation and order data. New Safe Activation API commands enable integration of activation, license status and order data with a vendor website, application or shopping cart.

Henderson, NV, April 19, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Excel Software, a leading supplier of software protection and licensing tools for Mac, Windows and other computers and devices, announced LicenseSupport 3.0. LicenseSupport consists of a desktop application used by a customer support person and an application programming interface to the Safe Activation server. Safe Activation is an online activation service that works with software protection and licensing tools including QuickLicense, QuickLicense Server, DocProtect, AppProtect, QLRT Xcode, OfficeProtect, AirLicense and plugins for FileMaker and Xojo.

LicenseSupport 3.0 supports new features in QuickLicense. A computer-specific code can be generated for a customer license to extend the expiration date or execution count of a Trial license. Commands can be sent to read or write specific data fields from the customer activation record stored in the Safe Activation server during the product activation process. If Safe Activation is used to automate the order process, new commands enable order data to be searched or retrieved.

A software vendor can use the LicenseSupport product in two ways. The LicenseSupport application is a customer support tool to manage customer licensing related issues. The Safe Activation API allows a vendor website, shopping cart or custom application to interact directly with data stored in the Safe Activation server.
With modest technical skills, the LicenseSupport application enables a customer support person can provide an activation code, reset a license, block an activated license before issuing a refund or change the number of allowed activations for a serial number. The support person can generate a code to extend a customer Trial license.

LicenseSupport can be used directly with a customer running a protected application. It also works indirectly through the Safe Activation server. This task-oriented tool prompts the customer support person for the required information and generates a license code to support a customer by phone, email or web. LicenseSupport stores customer records, maintains an historical log of support activities, provides integrated email support and presents a login process to track the actions of each support person.

Using the Safe Activation API, a vendor-written application, shopping cart or website can securely access support commands to retrieve a Serial Number for a specific product, check the status of a license or view a customer record. The license status of a Serial Number can be changed including suspend, reset, subscriber, used, notify or allowed activations. Optional features in the customer license can be remotely enabled or disabled.

While Safe Activation API commands are typically sent from a vendor website, a new API passthru command has been added to the QuickLicense 7.0.5 runtime software. This means a protected application running on the customer computer can now securely access data in the Safe Activation server using the same API commands documented in the LicenseSupport product.

LicenseSupport 3.0 is $395 for a Single User License on either Windows (XP to 8.1 with 32 or 64 bit processor) or Mac OS X 10.7 or later. The Site License edition allows multiple support representatives on a vendor network to access the customer license data from different computers on the network. The product includes a printed and PDF User Guide. Visit the company web site for demonstration videos and detailed information on software protection and license management tools.

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