Scottish Filmmaking Company Launches Short Film Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter

Andrew John Rainnie, a writer, director, and the founder of Rain Fire Films, is seeking alternative funding sources for his company’s latest series of short films, dubbed The Illuminant Midnight Project. With just 30 days to secure the cash, the campaign is Rain Fire Films’ first foray into the world of crowdfunding.

Glasgow, United Kingdom, April 21, 2015 --( Independent filmmaker Andrew John Rainnie is hoping to raise funds for a series of short films on popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Titled The Illuminant Midnight Project, it is comprised of three short, ten minute films, revolving around a common, universal theme. While very different in terms of scope and genre, the three works challenge our understanding of death, and how it affects the very way in which we live.

Kickstarter allows users to campaign for publicly donated funds over a certain period of time. If the target is not met, then the funds are not received. Rainnie’s Illuminant Midnight Project has 30 days in which to reach its goal of £15,000 before it concludes on May 19th.

The writer/director is very keen on the crowdfunding model, and revealed he often contributes his time and money to Kickstarter, adding that, “I write a weekly column for video game website, highlighting some of the best Kickstarter projects linked to video games.” He has also personally contributed money to several campaigns, including film equipment, documentaries, and video games.

The three short films Rainnie hopes to fund are The Deer, Gas Station at the End of the Universe, and Chair on the Stair. All three films will be shot in and around Scotland, with the filmmaker putting a firm emphasis on the importance of his country. “Scotland does not have the best film industry or infrastructure, so it is great that independent filmmakers such as myself can raise funds from all over the world.”

Rain Fire Films is hoping to raise enough funds to film on a RED camera, although the company also has a 4K capable Panasonic GH4 along with a set of Veydra Mini Prime lenses at its disposal. If the funding is successful, the company believes it can deliver the three films and all contributor rewards by June 2016. To learn more about The Illuminant Midnight Project and the rewards on offer, readers can visit the Kickstarter page here:

About Rain Fire Films:
Rain Fire Films is a brand new Scottish production company with a burning desire for creativity, producing short films, music videos, and showreels, creating websites, and producing script reports. It was founded by Andrew John Rainnie after his last short film, The Collector, screened at over a dozen festivals around the world, garnering praise from both audience and critics alike.

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