Church of Scientology Hosts SEO Guru for Seminar to Help Artists

The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Nashville recently hosted Tony Rockliff for a seminar geared toward helping artists advance in their careers.

Nashville, TN, April 22, 2015 --( Many churches incorporate music into their services, but the Nashville Church of Scientology & Celebrity Centre takes it a step further, working diligently to help artists succeed in their respective fields. This past weekend, successful artist Tony Rockliff returned to Nashville to deliver a seminar all about increasing artists’ prosperity using the Internet.

Rockliff is an Internet marketing expert and successful artist himself. In 1995, he created “Cybertown,” an online community of people from 155 countries interacting in a 3D Virtual Reality off-world town set about 100 years in the future. Cybertown grew to 1.3 million members, was receiving 1.5 billion hits a year and was listed in the top 2500 sites of the world. This was all before Facebook and Twitter even existed.

Completely aside from his success online Rockliff has decades of experience as a record producer, recording engineer and composer. He has worked with artists including Cat Stevens, Beck, Elton John's band, Regina Bell, the Temptations, Sir George Martin, Brian Johnson from AC/DC, David Pomeranz, David Campbell, Nicky Hopkins, members of Yes and the Doors and many others.

During Rockliff’s seminar for artists, he went over exactly what is being done by the musicians who are successful expanding their careers with the Internet and discussed step-by-step strategies that can be used by others.

The seminar was hosted by the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Nashville, a church with a mission to help artists. President of the church, Corinne Sullivan, says, "Our founder, L. Ron Hubbard, made it clear that our role is to help artists as they shape the future and the culture around us.”

This is not the first time Rockliff has delivered such a seminar and won’t be the last. For more information about future artistic seminar, events or church activities, call Julie Brinker at 615-687-4600. For more on Tony Rockliff, visit his website
Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Nashville
Julie Brinker