Seamless 3D Maps Have Never Been So Easy with the New PixPlant 3

Lisbon, Portugal, April 23, 2015 --( FaronStudio has released the third major version of PixPlant, the professional texturing tool that creates high quality seamless 3D maps from plain photos.

PixPlant's unmatched capabilities for seamless texture creation are used by key players in the architectural visualization, interior design, 3D virtual prototyping, visual FX and game development industries.

The new version 3 offers an integrated environment for the creation of 3D maps from plain photos: pick an interesting image, run PixPlant and get perfect seamless maps in a few seconds - displacement, normal, diffuse, specular and ambient occlusion 3D maps.

PixPlant includes the following benefits in an easy-to-use app:
- Quickly create unique seamless tiling 3D maps in a few clicks.
- Based on real-life photos, PixPlant generates interesting realistic textures without the complication of procedural texture generation tools.
- Easy 3D map editing with powerful whole-image tools as well as displacement sculpting and image painting tools.
- Real-time 3D rendering preview of the 3D maps.

"We're very pleased with the new PixPlant 3 which expands our vision of a powerful photo-to-3D-maps solution," said Jorge Diogo, FaronStudio's Director. "With PixPlant texturing can be leveraged to quickly add realism, variety and value to 3D projects."

PixPlant is available now for Windows and Mac OS X. A fully-featured demo, video tutorials, screenshots and more information are available at:

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