CCCS of Maryland and Delaware is Now Guidewell Financial Solutions

Nonprofit Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Maryland and Delaware recently rebranded as Guidewell Financial Solutions. The agency's new name reflects its growing services and geographic reach.

Baltimore, MD, April 23, 2015 --( Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Maryland and Delaware (CCCS) is now doing business as Guidewell Financial Solutions. The nonprofit’s name is part of a new brand that communicates its unique, caring approach to guiding clients toward financial stability. The name also reflects the agency’s expanding services and desire to reach more communities.

At the Employee Rebranding Kick Off event, President and CEO Jim Godfrey acknowledged, “During our 50 years of service, we’ve been an advocate for financial education. We’ve helped lots of people overcome financial crisis and hopefully helped them develop healthier attitudes and behaviors along the way. We’ve also experienced a lot of changes. The rebranding initiative underscores our commitment to providing clients throughout the country with the personal finance and housing advice they need to succeed.”

Executive Vice President Lori Jankalski likes the agency’s new name, “because it describes what we really do. When clients come to us, we don’t judge or blame – we listen, and help them find solutions. It’s a partnership where we provide guidance, encouragement, and resources, so they can take personal control and improve their lives.”

When Guidewell Financial Solutions first started, it primarily offered consumers help with budget and credit counseling. In the past few years, it has expanded its services, and now offers counseling and education to consumers who want to become homeowners, apply for a reverse mortgage, or avoid foreclosure. In 2014, it launched a financial coaching program to help clients define and reach personal finance goals. The agency is also committed to making its services more flexible and convenient. Its new website includes a wealth of free, self-paced personal finance and housing eLearning courses and a comprehensive online Pre-Purchase Homeownership course clients can take to qualify for a down payment assistance certificate.

Devon Hyde, who serves as the agency’s Resource Development Manager, oversaw its rebranding effort. She says, “Finding the right name and tagline wasn’t easy. Fortunately, we received expert advice from our branding and legal team. We also consulted with our staff, clients, and community partners. They helped us consider where we’ve been and where we ultimately want to go. When we finally chose Guidewell Financial Solutions -- your path forward, it felt authentic. It’s not a sales pitch – it truly reflects who we are.”

Jim Godfrey agrees. He says, “Guidewell Financial Solutions positions us well for the future. It acknowledges our continuing commitment to the local community and gives us a fresh identity that will make it easier to reach new communities and evolve and grow.”

To learn more about the agency’s services, please visit its website. To schedule a counseling or coaching appointment, call 1-800-642-2227.

Guidewell Financial Solutions is an accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency that helps stabilize communities by creating hope and promoting economic self-sufficiency to individuals and families through financial education and counseling.
Guidewell Financial Solutions
Nancy Stark