CosmoSWITCH Announced as a Perfect Class 4 Softswitch Solution for Italian Telecom Operators

Ecosmob Technologies has developed a class 4 softswitch solution for Italian telecom operators. It is specifically designed and developed by keeping Italian Telecom standards in mind.

Ahmedabad, India, August 18, 2015 --( Ecosmob Technologies has developed a class 4 softswitch solution which is developed for Italian Telecom operators. Italian Telecom made an announcement some time ago, according to which, switching to SIP from TDM was advised by the government to the telecom operators. The Italian Telecom has also set a standard for the same which is known as 769 standard. Ecosmob Technologies has been one of the initiators of this announced update and developed a class 4 softswitch. The developed softswitch is known as CosmoSWITCH and it is specifically designed and developed by keeping all the standards and protocols set by the Telecom Italia.

“The CosmoSWITCH is tested by the telecom Italia and it has successfully passed all the tests. We are happy to announce that soon it will be used by various telecom service providers in the Italy,” revealed a spokesperson of Ecosmob Technologies.

CosmoSWITCH is a scalable, secure and reliable solution for wholesale VoIP carriers. It can handle many concurrent calls at a time with the same quality. It requires minimal of hardware which makes it adaptable. Adding and removing lines can’t be easier than with the CosmoSWITCH. It also offers number portability which makes it more likeable by the end customers of the Telecom services provider. It also amalgamates the monitoring and network management tasks which makes it more flexible for the telecom services provider.

It has the gamut of features, including:

Routing the long distance calls for Wholesale Line Rental Customers, mobile numbers, non-geographical and geographical numbers, emergency numbers and nomadic numbers

Call routing from and to resellers

Call routing from and to other softswitch

Failover call routing to carriers and resellers

Routing the faxes from and to the fax servers

Portability of numbers



Local numbers port out and in

Load balancing

Detailed Logs and reports

CDR reports

And more.

CosmoSWITCH offers easy to use GUI which requires a little knowledge and makes it easy to manage the whole switch without any trouble. It has a GUI based admin panel. Everything can be controlled from there with simple clicks.

“It is a ready product which can be used by any telecom provider in Italy who wants to switch from TDS to SIP. Our company will happy to help from configuration to support to the client as we are already doing for our clients. The aim of our company is to provide scalable, reliable and flexible software which aids communication as well as Telecom industry,” said a spokesperson of the company.

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