Bling Bling Goes Mainstream at’s New Jewelry Store

Elkhart, IN, November 26, 2007 --(’s new Jewelry Store page states the word “bling” is now so mainstream, “bling” is now found in the Oxford English Dictionary. According to the spokesman for, bling style has also made its way into mainstream jewelry.

“Hip hop culture continues to influence jewelry makers world wide with ‘bling bling’ design, and the jewelry industry continues to influence hip hop culture with more mainstream style. The crossroads of these two meeting paths is where’s new Jewelry Store is.” said Jeff Young, spokesman for

The new Jewelry Store, seen at, highlights some very “bling” categories of mainstream jewelry. “Cell phone charms are an important part of our site, and they are represented well on our Bling Bling Jewelry page. Body jewelry and watches are also popular at and shoppers will find them in abundance.” Young said.

“There are many mainstream categories of jewelry in our new department, including wedding and engagement jewelry, rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and gift jewelry. Our new Jewelry Store will highlight special gift jewelry with each season for Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, and all the major jewelry holidays.” Young said.

“And there are also bling bling and hip hop categories of jewelry on our site, including chains, dogtags, belt buckle bling, bling lighters, and pendants. We are proud to have Playboy jewelry in our Jewelry Store. And we are introducing something very fun at” Young announced.

“We have also created what I jokingly call our “pop tarts” department with three different categories. They are ‘Bling Bling Jewelry that Makes You Look Like Jessica Simpson’ ‘Bling Bling Jewelry that Makes You Look Like Paris Hilton’ and ‘Bling Bling Jewelry that Makes You Look Like Britney Spears’” Young said.

“These categories are great examples of what is all about. Sometimes made fun of, sometimes admired, these three blonde women are exampled as part of the bling American lifestyle, but are also part of mainstream pop culture. The jewelry in these three categories, the jewelry in all of our Jewelry Store, and in fact all of the gear at, can be described in the same way. Bling meets mainstream. Our gear is the most fun, bling part of the American mainstream conspicuous consumption lifestyle.” Young said.

“Jewelry like this can not only be found on our Bling Bling Jewelry page, but is featured regularly in our RSS feed, The Top 10 Bling of the Week.” Seen at, Young said.

“We do want to make your shopping experience fun at,” Young said. “As well as comfortable. Our site is secure in taking all the major credit cards, we offer free shipping on most orders over $25, and we are organized in such a way as to be easy to shop.” Young said. is the new shopping and gift web site from Vista Virtual, LLC. The site keeps consumers up with the hottest “bling” including Razr Phones, iPhone Accessories, iPods, the latest in clothing, toys, as well as jewelry.

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