Free Syncdocs App Protects Google Drive with Full Encryption

Syncdocs app adds end-to-end encryption to Google Drive and Google Apps for the enterprise.

Sydney, Australia, April 29, 2015 --( Google has just announced that administrators can provide employees with physical security keys with Google Apps for Work, managing and tracking access from a central security console.

However, recent high profile hacks have highlighted how vulnerable data stored on servers can be. Protected only by access permissions any hacker gaining admin permissions can access everything. The most effective method to prevent this is to encrypt the data at-rest.

While numerous methods already exist to encrypt data at-rest for on-premises IT, Syncdocs is the first solution to provide fully automatic end-to-end encryption for Google Drive.

Google currently only encrypts the Google Drive data while in transit. That means anyone who can hack the Google account, or a Google Domain administrator can access your Google Drive files.

Syncdocs is different: it encrypts Google Drive files locally, before they ever leave your PC or phone. This makes accessing your data an order of magnitude harder for hackers.

Fully encrypt Google Drive

"Google holds the keys to their encryption solution, so it does not provide true protection, as they still have full access to your data," says customer Fred Lowe, CIO of Oxito Health Solutions, "With Syncdocs we own the keys, and no one else can access or spy on our data. This is essential for HIPAA compliance."

Files and folders are securely protected in the cloud with military-strength AES256 encryption. This is important for protecting corporate or customer data stored in the computing cloud.

For healthcare professionals, the at-rest encryption provided by Syncdocs is needed when complying with government regulations like HIPAA for storing patient records.

Early access users include Yelp and Woolworths, and Google said that the key management service will become generally available to Apps for Work users for no additional fees “in the coming weeks.”

Syncdocs enhances Google Drive

Syncdocs also offers many other enhancements to Google Drive, chiefly:

* Multiple accounts can be used concurrently. This is especially useful for users with separate home and work Google accounts.
* Folders are synced from anywhere on a PC or network, not just the single folder dictated by Google.
* Syncdocs can easily be deployed in the enterprise with fully automated, scripted installations.
* All Google data is backed up, even Google documents and spreadsheets.
* Easy migration from Microsoft Office to Google Docs

A short video show these features in action.

Those wanting better online security, or simply wishing to improve Google Drive, can grab a free copy of Syncdocs from
Donald Recsei