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Sparx Systems Launches Enterprise Architect 6.1 and MDG Integration

Global software development vendor offers integrated UML® solutions for Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005.

Sparx Systems Launches Enterprise Architect 6.1 and MDG Integration
Creswick, Australia, February 01, 2006 --( Sparx Systems, a leading developer of UML® modeling tools, is proud to announce the release of Enterprise Architect 6.1. This latest offering of their flagship UML 2.0-based modeling environment brings with it a focus on increased user productivity for beginners and advanced users alike, building on the innovation that has made Enterprise Architect one of the most popular tools on the market.

“With version 6.1 we aimed to streamline model construction, to make it both simpler for beginners and faster for power users, and I think we’ve achieved that.” commented Geoffrey Sparks, CEO. “The Model Patterns help you get started straight away, and the new context-sensitive Quick Linker makes it easy to create ‘correct’ models, while providing advanced users with fast, in-place diagram editing.” Power users will also benefit from enhancements to the inbuilt debugging environment for Microsoft® .NET and Java, which now supports multi-threaded applications and sequence diagram generation for .NET 2.0 executables.

In conjunction with the 6.1 release, Sparx Systems unveiled two new Model Driven Generation products, with the official launch of the MDG Integration for Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005, and the new MDG Technology for Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). Together, these two products take Enterprise Architect and the UML 2.0 right into the business process modelling domain and the .NET community.

MDG Integration for Microsoft Visual Studio® 2005
Sparx Systems announced the much anticipated official release of the MDG Integration for Visual Studio 2005. Partnering with Microsoft to bring the benefits of UML2.0 to the .NET community, Geoffrey Sparks said that Microsoft and Sparx Systems shared a common vision during development of the integration tools by Sparx. He remarked “We both wanted to provide end-users – the IT specialists who create and write software – with a set of integrated tools that are powerful without being frustrating.”

The new product integrates Enterprise Architect’s modeling capabilities into the Visual Studio 2005 environment. A new model browser window appears in Visual Studio, allowing users to work with UML models and access Enterprise Architect’s key features such as Documentation generation, MDA transforms and XML-based technologies without leaving the IDE.

MDG Technology for BPMN
Sparx Systems also announced the release of its MDG Technology support for the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), allowing analysts and architects to define business processes using a standard graphical notation.

BPMN notation is readily understandable by business users, from the analysts that draft process models to those managing and monitoring the final processes. With BPMN model validation built-in, the MDG Technology for BPMN makes it simple to create correct and easily understood process models that can be shared throughout an organization, using the one modeling environment. The BPMN add-in exemplifies Sparx's commitment to extend Enterprise Architect and UML 2.0 seamlessly to specific modeling domains.

About Sparx Systems
Founded in 1996 by Geoffrey Sparks, Sparx Systems is a privately held company based in Creswick, Australia. Sparx Systems has become a leading developer of UML based modeling tools with its flagship product, Enterprise Architect, being the first to support all 13 UML 2.0 diagrams. Used in over 60 countries world-wide and experiencing four straight years of 50 percent growth, Enterprise Architect is one of the fastest-growing UML modeling tools in the world.


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