Backyard Splash Pads Are Hot Trend for Cool Summer Fun, Says Pryor's Better Yards

Splash pads add resale value to homes and provide recreation for the whole family.

Glendale, AZ, May 07, 2015 --( Splash pads. We’ve all seen them at water parks, community pools and shopping malls.

Now splash pads are becoming one of the most popular additions for residential back yards, according to Bob Pryor of Pryor’s Better Yards, a professional hardscape and landscape company.

“More families are adding splash pads to their backyard to provide another cool activity for everyone during our hot summer months,” Pryor explains. “They can be integrated into the pool area, or can stand alone with no pool. They can be as small as 100 sq. ft. or much larger. There are many features that can be added to customize your backyard splash pad such as mushroom fountains or colorful umbrellas.

Add resale value to your home
Arizonans can spend a good portion of the year outside because of our warm climate. Pools, patios, hot tubs, built-in BBQ grills, fire pits and fireplaces, putting greens and outdoor entertaining areas in your backyard all add resale value to your home.

Splash pads can add recreation for the whole family, including the family dog. When not in use, they can be used as extra patio space. “Splash pads can be installed in your back yard for a fraction of the cost of a pool and require much less maintenance, too,” Pryor adds. “Families with children tend to prefer landscaping without cactus or thorny plants so they fit in with the tropical theme that is becoming more popular.”

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Laurie Anderson