SysTools Export Notes 9.7 Release Introduces Upgraded UI and Enhanced Features

The release informs about the SysTools Export Notes 9.7 version update that recently took place. It brought forward an upgraded user interface with a number of enhanced set of features advancing user experience and results to a major level.

Gothenburg, Sweden, May 15, 2015 --( The handout is issued to officially announce the release of SysTools Export Notes 9.7 version which recently got updated with enhanced Graphical User Interface and feature set. Reportedly, v9.7 is one of the biggest updates that Export Notes software has ever undergone.

In numerous number of changes has taken place with the way the software worked in the previous version and the way it does in the recent one. The reported changes have ameliorated the application both inside out as observed through the thorough testing and analysis performed on it before the official launch. A huge change in the look and organization of options, buttons and graphics has taken place on the Graphical User Interface improving user experience to a major level. Some of the major updates that took place in the software following the release of version 9.7 have been listed below:

Modification of canonical contact address naming format to SMTP format supported
Output data file splitting option supported by size to be specified in MB and GB
An enhanced Graphical User Interface with precisely organized options and buttons
Support for Microsoft Outlook versions up to 2013 of 32 and 64 bit furnished
Default components and email folder mapping provided via custom naming
Lotus Notes document link export to Outlook PST provisioned
Filters application for the selective Journals export and duplicate contact removal
Folder selection option provided for custom and default email folders & components

Evan Swans, Director of Product Development stated the following regarding the major update of Export Notes: “There have been a lot of software upgrades however, Export Notes has been and will always be one of the biggest and most valued possessions owned by the organization. The application had been under observation since a very long duration, both; from improvement point of view and development standpoint. After thorough market study and user feedback analysis, the blueprint of updates planned for the software was prepared. Recently, the official launch of v9.7 took place soon after the upgrade was implemented and also rigorously tested.”

For a detailed know how regarding the software update and changes taken place on the development end, contact with Technical Support Department needs to be made. The release is only a source of making an official announcement concerning the release.

About SysTools: The organization has contributed a number of trend setting applications into the market. Export Notes is amongst the same valuable list of products that recently got updated to version 9.7 with major enhancements.
Nimisha Ramesh