Citizens for Responsible Trails Responds to Stevens Creek Trail Feasibility Study

Advocacy Group Evaluates Trail Route Proposals and Budget Estimates by Determining Consistency with the Group’s Core Values.

Sunnyvale, CA, May 15, 2015 --( Citizens for Responsible Trails, a local advocacy group, has provided elected officials with its official response to the Stevens Creek Trail Joint Cities Feasibility Study. The Stevens Creek Trail Joint Cities Feasibility Study was released on March 27, 2015 and made available on the City of Sunnyvale’s website. The official response to the feasibility study from Citizens for Responsible Trails was released on May 13, 2015 on the group’s website.

Citizens for Responsible Trails evaluated the trail routes identified in the study by determining to what extent the route segments are consistent with the group’s core values: Fiscal Responsibility, Utilize Existing Infrastructure and Minimize New Impact. Each trail segment is also rated as to whether budget estimates for new infrastructure are consistent with the group’s emphasis on fiscal responsibility.

“Our goal is to bring balance and perspective to this process,” said Kathleen Cordova, Chairperson of Citizens for Responsible Trails. “We believe that policymakers should support the goals of the four cities Stevens Creek Trail by leveraging existing infrastructure and related initiatives that are underway in the cities involved and in Santa Clara County.”

In addition to evaluating the routes identified in the feasibility study, Citizens for Responsible Trails also provided key recommendations in its response report. These recommendations included breathing new life into past funding, leveraging adjacent opportunities and creating positive externalities. Citizens for Responsible Trails invites the general public to download the report at the group’s website to read the full recommendations and trail segment evaluations.

The Joint Cities Working Team of elected officials and staff from Cupertino, Los Altos, Mountain View and Sunnyvale will be holding public meetings to gather input from the public regarding the feasibility study. Citizens for Responsible Trails encourages residents of the four cities to attend these meetings to learn more about the process and to provide elected officials with input.

The public meetings will be held:
May 21 Sunnyvale -- Sunnyvale Community Center
June 1 Cupertino -- Cupertino Community Room
June 8 Los Altos/ Mountain View -- Mountain View Senior Center

About Citizens for Responsible Trails
Citizens for Responsible Trails is a neighborhood advocacy group that was formed in response to the process surrounding the Stevens Creek Trail Joint Cities Feasibility Study. Citizens for Responsible Trails represents several neighborhood groups that formed to provide input into the process. Members of the group advocate a common sense approach regarding the Stevens Creek Trail issue to public employees, elected officials and fellow citizens. Find more information about Citizens for Responsible Trails at
Citizens for Responsible Trails
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