Author Lon Maisttison Releases "The Two Sisters of Kuwait" with Print-on-Demand Publisher

Hanover, MD, November 29, 2007 --( “The Two Sisters of Kuwait” is an action-adventure novel about the exploits of Air Rescue Special Forces Commando Jimmy West known as “the silent warrior” for his stealth rescue tactics. During a luncheon with his boss Frank James at the cafeteria San Diego in Mallorca, the story unfolds about the commando mission to Kuwait City during the first 24 hours of the Iraqi Invasion to rescue the Emir’s grandson Prince Nasser. Jimmy tells the story about landing in Kuwait City and stumbling upon nine marauding Iraqi Soldiers attacking the two sisters. Jeopardizing his mission, he rescues them. The sisters befriend Jimmy and help him rescue Prince Nasser. Hunted by the Iraqi Army, they escape capture in a mad dash across Kuwait City, engaging in several running gun battles to be extracted by Air Rescue Aircraft.

Lon Maisttison conceived Air Rescue Stories in the late 1990’s while on assignment in England and wrote “Two Sisters of Kuwait” as a pledge to himself after falling ill to Congestive Heart Failure. Lon came to Lulu, because he wanted control of every stage of the publishing process and found Lulu, the fastest growing print-on-demand publisher in the marketplace. “The Two Sisters of Kuwait” is available for purchase at

About the Author
Lon Maisttison is a Senior Technical Engineer for AT&T Government Solutions. He is a former instructor at the Education Department of Ford Aerospace’s “Little Red School House” where he developed instructional courseware and taught computer maintenance courses. Lon is also the author of “Kissed by Death: Congestive Heart Failure” currently available on Lulu Marketplace and Amazon. Lon has a Bachelors' degree in Liberal Studies from Excelsior College and a Technical Electronics Engineering (E.E.) degree from Valparaiso Technical Institute.

Founded in 2002, Lulu is the world’s fastest-growing print-on-demand publisher in the marketplace for digital do-it-yourselfers. Reference: for more information.

Lon Maisttison