New Bicycle Route at Go Bangkok Bicycle Tours: Go Green

Green Lungs by Boat & 2 wheels with Go Bangkok Tours' new "Go Green" tour.

Bangkok, Thailand, May 23, 2015 --( The new "Go Green" tour starts with a bike ride from the HQ to the temple pier. From there bikes embark on a fascinating boat trip up the river for about 15 minutes, along the way Bangkok skyline changes as the tour leaves the Urban jungle behind and enters "The Green Lungs."

Upon arriving at the pier its a short ride into the green expanse that is called Bang Krachao. There is a amazing jungle feel to the place, with many trees and other greenery almost everywhere. The atmosphere is just so different to that of Bangkok that the contrast is awesome.

Once the group is ready to proceed the guide will take the lead and the adventure of exploring the “lungs of Bangkok” will begin. The labyrinth of interwoven paths above the water is incredible, with the jungle foliage protecting your ride from the glaring sun.

After cycling over the paths for a while a break from the jungle is provided. The skies will clear of greenery and the beautiful Sri Nakhon Park becomes visible. Time to feed the fish and relax while enjoying a drink and some snacks.

Once refreshed it’s back in the saddle under the gorgeous jungle like trees again to ride back a different route along the meandering, elevated paths through the stunning jungle.

Its time to head back to the Urban Jungle called Bangkok by boat. Get the camera's out as entering the city by boat gives you an amazing shot at our beloved city.

This tour is between 4-5 hours in total, covers a cycling distance of about 25km. As riding takes place on raised paths over water for most of the time its recommended that this tour only for those who are comfortable on a bicycle.

Tour Info
Trip departure: Daily 9AM and 2PM
Cost: US$ 39 pp
Duration: 1/2 day
Cycle distance: 20km
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