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Incline Village, NV, May 24, 2015 --( Charles C Harmon Co LLC, Home and Garden America's parent company, published a statement earlier today to announce the release of its new product images. The images showcase the company's best-selling consumer goods such as the 50 Varieties Heirloom Organic Vegetable Seeds Pack, Turmeric Root Extract, Probiotics Healthy Intestinal Flora, BBQ Grilling Gloves, and Shredder Meat Claws.

Charles C Harmon Co LLC has made the images available on each product's page. Grow For It, the company's official brand name for all of its gardening goods, houses the heirloom seeds pack. Suitable for home gardening and long-term survival storage, the organic heirloom seeds serve as a food supply in times of crises.

On the other hand, the Turmeric Root Extract and Probiotics Healthy Intestinal Flora are under the LifeGlow brand—the company's official carrier for its health products. The Turmeric is a free radical scavenger that aids in joint health and antioxidant support, while the Probiotic promotes a healthy digestive system and helps achieve the right probiotic balance. Both dietary supplements are 100% gluten-free, vegetarian-safe, and recommended for maintaining a healthy body.

Finally, the BBQ Grilling Gloves and Shredder Meat Claws are placed under the newly-launched Leisure Ready brand. Released just earlier this month, both products are designed to make grilling and pulling pork so much easier than before.

To celebrate its newly-released product images on, Charles C Harmon Co LLC has decided to give away a limited-time coupon for all Amazon shoppers. Each coupon grants a special 20% discount on all Charles C Harmon Co LLC products, but will only be available for a short period of time. The company advises shoppers to get their coupons right away while the offer is still up for grabs.

More details on the 20% off coupon is available on the company website.

Chuck Harmon writes consumer information material on various topics, and his expert knowledge in vegetable gardening is no exception. He considers heirloom organic vegetable seeds as the best choice for home gardening.
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