Lakeview Novel Ya Series Sequel "Silence" Launched 5/29 on Amazon Kindle Continues Teen Queen Fairy Tale: Interview with Author Stacey R. Campbell

On May 29, Green Darner Press launched the first sequel to "Hush" in Stacey R. Campbell's Lakeview novel series for Young Adults, as an e-novella on Amazon Kindle. Fans say it's worth the 2-year wait. Campbell gives insights into why she based the characters on her daughters, and encouragement to all writers--especially those with reading challenges like her own Dyslexia.

Seattle, WA, June 01, 2015 --( On May 29, Green Darner Press launched “Silence” via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. The e-novella is the first sequel to the first novel in Stacey R. Campbell’s popular Lakeview Novel series, “Hush.”

"Fans have been on pins and needles for two years, waiting to find out what happens next," said publisher Kari Hock of Green Darner Press.

The series features the adventures of two American adopted sisters, Blakely and Halle, at the fictional Canadian Lakeview Academy. “Hush” came out in 2013, and was optioned for a film. “Whisper” followed in 2014; and a third novel, “Scream,” is slated for release Fall 2015.

About Silence

“'Silence' is another hit from Stacey R. Campbell! She knows exactly what to say to draw you into her books and have you cheering on your favorite characters.”—Kristin Downer, #NerdProblems—

This contemporary fairy tale picks up where its novel predecessor, “Hush,” left off. Now 18, Blakely presides over the obscure country she inherited after finding out her biological family is an assassinated monarchy. The story takes off when Blakely decides she must find her biological father who was banished and forbidden to see her unwed mother again. Armed with a few clues, Blakely sets out with her family and bodyguards on a quest to find the other half of her roots. But can they sneak around without being noticed? And will the young monarch's search lead to greater happiness or disappointment?

About the Author

Prolific author Stacey R. Campbell (SC) was told by teachers that she should forget her dream of becoming a writer because she was born with the reading/writing challenge of dyslexia. Now, having written four novels (including Middle Grade pirate adventure, “Arrgh!”) and one e-novella, Campbell has not only proven them wrong but had to pause from working on her next Lakeview sequel “Bliss” to give Roadmap Girl’s Book Buzz blogger, Marlan Warren (MW), this interview:

MW:Where did the names for the Lakeview heroines come from?
SC: They are named after my three daughters.

MW: How did you start writing the series?
SC: When our eldest left home to go to boarding school, I started writing “Hush” as a way to stay in touch with her. Pretty soon her friends got involved and the project took on a life of its own.

MW: Are your daughters actually portrayed in these novels?
SC: Some characteristics are theirs, but the characters are composites. If there is something any daughter feels uncomfortable with, I change it.

MW: What has influenced you plot-wise?
SC: “Hush” began when my husband told my middle daughter that her red hair came from the Tudor side of the family. Our eldest then asked if that meant she could be a princess. When I told her several hundred people would have to die first, she replied, “Well, there could be a giant family reunion that we weren’t invited to and everyone could be killed.”

MW: What is your favorite reader reaction to the series so far?
SC: My very favorite reactions are from readers who have a learning disability telling me that I have inspired them. If I can get that one kid, like me, who struggled to enjoy reading, I feel like I’m on top of the world.

MW: Is there a fan club for the Lakeview series?
SC: I am lucky to have a great group of reviewers and bloggers who love what I write. I call them my “Lakeview Street Team.” They are the first to get free ARC copies of new work and help me spread the word of what’s going on. The group is open to anyone who writes reviews. If you like what you see and want to help spread the word, stop by my website and leave me a message.

MW: Can you talk a bit about the Lakeview titles?
SC: In “Hush,” Blakely’s true identity is kept from her and only talked about in hushed tones. In “Whisper,” a ghost speaks to Halle in whispers. In “Scream,” Halle is running from drug dealers who want to do away with her and her boyfriend so it is very intense. “Silence” is the story of Blakely finding her biological father who was silenced by the king and told never to contact her. And “Bliss,” is the royal wedding, which will conclude the series.

MW: What would you tell any young people who want to write?
SC: Don’t listen to the negative. If writing is in your heart, write.

Title: Silence (Novella 1, Lakeview Novel Series)
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