Illinois Author Releases New Suspenseful Mystery – "The Colossus"

Chicago, IL, June 02, 2015 --( Illinois author, Ranjini Iyer is pleased to announce the release of her new suspenseful mystery, "The Colossus."

When diffident caterer Maxine Rosen reluctantly looks into the circumstances of her father’s alleged suicide, she finds it may be related to an ancient health tablet from India and experimental research conducted in the Nazi era.

Maxine Rosen, a demure, clumsy Chicago caterer, gets more than she bargains for when she discovers her father’s coded research document linked to health pills unearthed from the ancient Indus Valley civilization. The pills, she learns, carry frightening secrets about the true nature of her father’s death; a truth that may be more than she can bear. Enlisting the help of handsome professor Julian McIntosh, Max boomerangs across the continents to unlock the mystery of her father’s research, struggling to keep one step ahead of a powerful German pharmaceutical company who will stop at nothing to keep the disturbing document under wraps.

A perfect blend of humor, romance, and suspense, Ranjini Iyer’s debut novel throws audiences into this all-too-plausible mystery, hurling thrills and twists that will keeps readers guessing until the chilling finale.

Recent Praise For "The Colossus":

"Complicated adventure tale...often imaginative novel with a well-concealed surprise ending." - Kirkus Reviews

"It's hard not to enjoy the main character, Max, in Ranjini Iyer's fantastic novel... the story is fast-paced and features a refreshing blend of mystery, suspense, history, science, and a dash of romance. The surprise ending makes this novel even more memorable. Well-written and with an interesting plot, 'The Colossus' is worth giving a go." - San Francisco Book Review

"'The Colossus,' is a thoughtful adventure into the world of pharmaceuticals, corruption, greed, love, and everything else in human nature. Iyer presses the reader to think in shades of more than just black and white and realize that human nature can be understood as a blessing or a curse- it just depends on how one thinks about it. As with all humans, Max vacillates between pride and shame, love and hate, courage and fear, but what really matters is how Max forgives those around her, especially those that she trusts the most. Iyer's careful research and attention to detail make 'The Colossus' an unforgettable read." - Red City Review

“Are you a fan of the Stephanie Plum Series or Darynda Jone's Charley Davidson series? Do you enjoy your mystery novels with a hint of light-heartedness and not too deep that you can often get a bit confused or on the dark side of life? (the heroine) Maxine has been thrust into this world of espionage and she is an ordinary size ten girl with her self-esteem flaws and she isn't all Lara Croft Tomb Raider like which often the girls who star in these adventure mystery novels are and this is what adds the humor to the book and makes it more realistic to the reader.….if you are in the mood for a mystery that isn't too deep but not fluffy at all , then check out 'The Colossus' by Ranjini Iyer today as you will not be disappointed as you find yourself quickly immersed in the pages.” - Rated 4 stars by top 5 Goodreads reviewer and blogger Paula Phillips of

"The Colossus" is available in both print and eBook formats.

Book Details:
"The Colossus"
By Ranjini Iyer
Publisher: Astor + Blue
Published: February 2015
ISBN: 978-1938231858
Pages: 256
Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

About The Author:
Ranjini Iyer was born in Germany and grew up in India. She trained as an engineer mostly because she hero worshipped her PhD holding dad. She then got herself an MBA in the U.S and stayed on.

Even as she pursued careers as a business owner, small business consultant, film producer and non-profit managing director, there always remained an urge to write that had been there since childhood. Following the birth of her children, she focused more and more on writing. Eventually, some of it became passably good. "The Colossus" is her first (well...published) novel.

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