Historical Character Costume Dolls from Wedding & Christmas Belles Are Out for Sale

In line with the rising demand for historical character dolls, Wedding & Christmas Belles has announced the sale of its newest queen dolls at affordable prices.

Angus, United Kingdom, June 04, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Collecting items of historical importance is a favorite pastime of countless individuals across the world. These items may not be antique, or highly valuable all the time. There are even people who love to collect dolls of many famous or infamous characters of yesteryear. If the recent sales figure of such dolls is anything to go by, they are sold in large numbers, both offline and online, providing ample indication of their huge popularity. And, this scenario prompts the makers as well as sellers of collectable historical dolls to launch fresh collections regularly.

To capture the existing market sentiment, WeddingandChristmasBelles.com has started to offer a selected range of historical queen dolls at affordable prices online. Although the website has a few dolls on sale right now, it is planning to expand its collection very soon. The site is owned by Victoria Cairns who is a renowned doll maker, having handcrafted several museum-quality, historical porcelain dolls of ancient characters.

Nowadays, the material for dolls varies from paper, rubber and plastic to fabric and of course, porcelain. Individuals looking for collectable dolls usually prefer low-cost items to suit their stipulated budget and build up their stock easily. That’s why Wedding and Christmas Belles has ensured that its historical dolls are priced under £100 for the convenience of interested buyers. Made from high-quality fabrics in the Highlands of Scotland, the products here are certainly worth collecting.

“Our costumed queen dolls are available in intriguing historical characters like Anne Boleyn, Marie Antoinette and Jennifer. More characters such as Mary Queen of Scots, Henry VIII and his wives will be added in time. These dolls are handmade in such a manner by Victoria that they perfectly resemble the appearance and costumes of original characters. Since Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII, was known for her beauty and sophistication, the doll of this queen comes with a hand-painted face with attached eyelashes and a handmade mohair wig. Created from sculpted flesh-colored fabric, the 18-inch tall figurine will fascinate anyone with her purple velvet dress with hooped underskirt and matching purple silk shoes. She also holds a French fan,” says a spokesperson of this website when asked to provide more details about these collectable dolls.

“Marie Antoinette doll, on the other hand, also features a handmade mohair wig decorated with ribbons and pearl beads. There are two hip panniers configured accurately to support the Yves St. Laurent silk and lace dress. Apart from satisfying the needs of collectors, our dolls can prove to be cute wedding gifts for brides and bridesmaids as well. We also offer a lovely selection of costumed mouse dolls, nightdress cases and young woman character dolls for marriage, Christmas, birthday and other special occasions,” continues the spokesperson.

Kindly visit http://weddingandchristmasbelles.com/collections/historical for more information on these historical dolls.
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