Bar Ilan University Medical School Installs Triumph PET/CT System

TriFoil Imaging is excited to announce that the research facility at Bar Ilan University (BIU), Safed, Israel has installed a Triumph II PET/CT.

Chatsworth, CA, June 04, 2015 --( This multi-modality imaging system is the first small animal imaging system to be installed at Bar ILan Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee. The system was installed under the operation of Prof. Izhak Haviv for cancer research.

“Through our distributor in Israel, Lavi MedTech we are honored to have been selected to provide BIU their first multi-modality small animal imaging system,” said TriFoil Director of Sales Sean Pitts. “We look forward to working closely with BIU and Lavi to help facilitate any research or imaging they require in the future.”

Prof. Izhak Haviv of the Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee stated, “Recent characterization of the somatic mutations in cancer tissue, using next generation sequencing technology unravels a remarkable intra-tumoral heterogeneity and dynamic flux in response to cancer therapy, while resistance is acquired. Many of the genomic mutations appear to drive cancer phenotype, but the potential of such mutations to serve as a new Achilles heel is questionable. Therefore, improving sustained drug response rate and survival critically depends on assessing transient drug response and identifying the regions of the cancer that are innately resistant to the intended drug. To deal with this, we have purchased the Triumph II LabPET/CT. With it we perform FDG assessment of human cancer drug response in patient derived xenograft (approximately 300 patients) and perform development and optimization of PET-tracer drug derivatives that allow visualizing the avidity to drugs on the onset of targeted drug therapy of cancer patients. Combined with synchronized biopsy, and extensive genomic sequencing of the evolutionary selection products and refractory lesions, this panel of reagents could accelerate the selection of the next line of care, while the patient is undergoing targeted therapy.”

TriFoil Imaging’s state-of-the-art digital molecular imaging products include the Triumph II, a tri-modality PET/SPECT/CT system, the eXplore CT-120 In-vivo Micro CT scanner, the LabPET/MRI system with integrated self-shielded cryogen-free 3.0T MRI and the InSyTe Series, the first pre-clinical bench-top nuclear and optical imaging systems with in-line CT. There are now over 319 installations worldwide.

About Bar Ilan University Medical School, Galilee
Bar-Ilan University is the fastest-growing institution of higher education in Israel. Those pursuing their BA, MA and PhD degrees on our award-winning campus just outside Tel Aviv and in our six regional colleges across Israel are joined by thousands more who are enrolled in certificate and enrichment programs, including the largest in-service teacher training program in Israel. The sterling academic experience provided by Bar-Ilan University is what one would expect from any world-class institution, in Israel or elsewhere: we impart knowledge to our students, and provide them with the critical ability and tools to analyze that knowledge, to study academic subjects with rigor and discipline, and apply their findings and understandings to contemporary realities.

About TriFoil Imaging
Leading research laboratories around the world depend on TriFoil Imaging (formerly Gamma Medica – Ideas Pre-Clinical) technology to meet all their advanced in-vivo molecular imaging needs. Triumph is the world’s first tri-modality system (including PET, SPECT, and CT) to offer the highest quality and the best value by combining three modalities all in one reliable and easy-to-use system. Founded in 2001 and now owned by Capital Resource Partners, TriFoil is headquartered in Chatsworth, California. Please visit to learn more.

About Lavi Medtech
Lavi Medtech has specialized for the last few decades in the introduction of innovative technologies to the Israeli market. In the life science division Lavi Medtech represents the leading innovations in in-vivo imaging solutions such as TriFoil Imaging, Fuji Visualsonics high resolution ultrasound, MR Solution’s MRI systems and more. A part of Medison Pharma, one of Israel leading pharmaceutical companies, which represent companies such as Amgen, Biogen and Shire. Lavi Medtech and Medison Pharma are located in Petach – Tikva, near Tel Aviv.
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