SelfieHeat App to Give Users a Chance to Win a Brand New Car for Christmas by Posting Selfies. The App Will be Launched in Apple App Store by June 15, 2015.

SelfieHeat, which is 100% free to use, will always allow users to win a wide variety of prizes with every selfie post. The 10 categorized search parameters includes a separate category for the military.

Orangeburg, SC, June 05, 2015 --( Xelxor (ex-cel-zor) Technologies, a start-up app developer, announced today the introduction of its recently developed and multifaceted SelfieHeat iOS application. The app, which is feature rich, was designed to provide users with a unique experience after logging into their accounts. Additionally, the app provides opportunities for users to win prizes for the most interesting selfie posts as voted on by other users and will be available to world-wide users on or before June 15, 2015.

SelfieHeat will differ from other social media applications by working in the following manner:

Registered members will be allowed to post selfie pictures only.

Pictures will be posted in 10 categories.

Pictures may be searched by category, hash-tags, or by username.

Registered members will have the opportunity to vote on pictures 24/hours a day.

Votes will be tabulated in the app and winning votes displayed to all users.

Voting time will have expiration period showed by “time left” in weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds.

Registered members can create a friend group and/or gain followers.

The app will only be compatible with iPhones at the release date.

The app will allow users to post comments when uploading previously taken photos in their iPhones or users may take new selfie photos within the app.

App users may make multiple post for a single prize.

Celebrities, professional athletes, and political figures will not be eligible to win prizes unless SelfieHeat makes a special designation associated with a prize to be donated to a charity. New users need not create an account providing they use their Facebook or Twitter login credentials. If new users do not have either, they may simply login by creating a new account in the app.

Major Consumer Benefits

SelfieHeat app provides users with technological advantages over existing social media applications as it places specialized focus on posting selfies and can serve as a platform for users to maintain a visible daily diary. The fact that SelfieHeat app will allow users to win prizes by earning the required votes on their selfie posts in a predetermined time period, will engage users worldwide.
Consumers will also enjoy the ease of usage of the app along with smooth flow. Unlike other forms of social media, every time SelfieHeat users post a selfie, they become automatically eligible to win a prize which may include a brand new car.

Although SelfieHeat will only be available through the Apple App Store initially, Android and Google phone users will be able to access the app by August 2015. With multiple advanced smartphone app developments underway, Xelxor Technologies will fastly become a global leader in nurturing the worldwide appetite for creative and fun applications.

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