Second Semi-Annual Park City Stress Awareness and Management Presentation for the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry Scheduled

Diamondpoint Coaching offers its second semi-annual stress awareness and management presentation for the Park City, Utah restaurant and hospitality industry. The presentation date is set for December 10 (see DC has utilized an innovative blog program for the buildup to the fall presentation, with links to stress research. David M. Hoza is the author of the forthcoming book, Stress in the Workplace: Ten Years in the Park City Restaurant and Hospitality Industry.

Salt Lake City, UT, November 29, 2007 --( The second semi-annual Park City 2007 Stress Awareness and Management Presentation especially designed for the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry is scheduled for Monday, December 10, 2007. Four sessions will be held, including a session especially for managers. Details can be found at

The innovative presentation networks R&H employees, allowing co-workers to share their perceptions, solutions, and practices in situations where stress occurs: during rushes, when organizational or workplace breakdown occurs, and at odd and uncertain times and circumstances throughout a busy tourist season.

“How many people do you know who have had even a preliminary training session that makes stress perceptions, reactions, and solutions conscious, like a fire drill?” David M. Hoza, the owner and presenter of Diamondpoint Coaching, developed his approach out of 26 years of service industry experience, including 10 years in the international tourist and Olympic town of Park City, Utah.

“I’ve worked several managerial positions, owned a service industry business, and subsidized a deep experiment in living off the grid through a spectrum of R&H roles, facilitating a non-judgmental observer perspective.”

The presentation includes insights from applied psychology and hospitality research that isn’t well known. The focus of the presentation, however, is interactive.

“I’m interested in getting people to speak of their perceptions and solutions because this is the most important information of all. We need to share and reinforce this info before chronic stress habits like reactivity and defensiveness set in for the season. Stress issues can be environmentally specific, whether to a particular kitchen layout, a particular region, or a particular marketplace.”

This season’s buildup to the presentation has some innovative approaches. The blog “Stress in the Workplace” allows managers to view perspectives on stress and find direct links to peer reviewed applied psychology and hospitality research. Regional managers can comment, information share, or contest perspectives.

An owner and HR blog describes blog and presentation strategy. “No Brainers” allows employees to blow off steam by sharing stories, without proper names or places, about problem bosses, issues, co-workers and customers.

“We still operate under the idea that stress is best managed morally or egotistically. “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”, and “Suck it up” are no longer sustainable in a high volume, high pressure workplace with chronic employee shortages. Customers come in complaining to relieve stress, not just because of quality of product or quality of service. You wouldn’t just depend on natural cooking skills for your chef, so why depend on natural stress management skills to carry the third major component of your business, after quality of product and quality of service?”

Dave is working on a book titled Stress in the Workplace: Ten Years in the Park City Restaurant and Hospitality Industry. The book utilizes stress theory and research to analyze his experiences and workplaces in detail. “Of nine places in which I worked during my 10 years in the R&H industry, only one didn’t have some kind of major crisis or meltdown that could have been avoided by a regular, seasonal, situational stress awareness and management presentation.” A chapter of the book will be available for download early 2008.

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