CM Labs Simulations Releases Vortex 6.5

New Vortex 6.5 release includes new visuals and capabilities, plus Vortex Profiler to optimize simulation frame-rate performance.

Montreal, Canada, June 06, 2015 --( CM Labs Simulations has released version 6.5 of its VortexTM simulation software.

The Vortex software platform is designed to enable the creation of interactive vehicle and mechanical equipment simulations in realistic virtual environments, for engineering and operator training applications.

Version 6.5 of the platform includes the new Vortex Profiler, an application that enables rapid debugging and optimization of simulation performance through graphical or numerical representation of performance-hungry models, scenes, and scenarios.

Simulation developers can now use the Vortex Profiler to create complex scenarios and applications more easily.

Vortex 6.5 also introduces a number of new visuals and capabilities designed to enhance the realism of simulation-based applications, including multiple lights and shadow-casting, for the creation of lifelike subsea, night, or underground simulation scenarios.

New visuals in 6.5 designed to enhance realism of simulation-driven training and engineering applications.

New water reflection capabilities in Vortex Marine enrich the application’s offshore environment visuals, including the reflection of ground, ships, and other objects on or close to the water.

Vortex Marine is already embedded in training applications at port terminals around the world, and in engineering applications for global offshore companies.

Vortex 6.5 also features long tether cables with adaptive bending, as well as easier cable definition using engineering cable parameters.

This is particularly useful for offshore applications requirements such as simulation of ROV underwater tethers, long tow cables, and anchor handling cables. It allows simulation of very long cables with high detail—without sacrificing computation time.

This new technology is made possible thanks to a novel Adaptive Cable method that optimizes cable segments simulation only if required.

“Along with enriched visuals and simulation capabilities,” said Sebastien Miglio, CM Labs’ VP of Product Development, “The focus of the 6.5 version of the Vortex platform is on making it as easy as possible for simulation developers to create useful applications, without making compromises around simulation fidelity.”
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Samuel St-Amour