Dw. Dunphy Admits That Never Works

Latest addition to the Test Test Test project finds Dunphy mining romantic melancholy and unrequited love.

Red Bank, NJ, June 10, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Music, from its very earliest stages, has been linked to romance and the lack thereof. New Jersey musician Dw. Dunphy, currently at work on his latest instrumental album Test Test Test, understands this. Music creation to him is very much a part of the confounding process of understanding relationships, and when they do not happen.

"The song is, as these things go, about a woman I met and was in serious crush-mode for," Dunphy admits. "I have severe self-confidence issues (apparently), so I tend to work things out through song. My thought is regularly, 'I will write her a song and she will find interest in me.' Then I will often backtrack, down on myself, and say, 'Aw, that never works.' Lacking a clever title for the song, that phrase just sort of stuck."

Dunphy claims that every musician has key chords that they like. The keen-eared listener will hear them hit those chords in some of their favorite compositions. Dunphy said that he decided to make a track with some of his. "This is about as close as I'm ever going to be to that person the song was written for, so I wanted it to be a favorite. So, put in all the chords I gravitate to, the patterns I like, and so on."

The process of creating a series of songs, then binding them into an album, then selling the album is still viable if you are an established commodity," Dunphy said. "But if you are an independent musician with limited amounts of time and even less of a budget, what do you do? You can release right now, or you can wait until you have all your material and everyone has forgotten about you. Test Test Test is an experiment in 'right now' releasing."

The plan for the album Test Test Test, as Dunphy describes it, is to establish the framework for the album and then, over time, write and record tracks and drop them into the album as he goes on. "That may mean that, by the time the proper album is done, some songs will disappear from the official listing. All the steps of making a standard record will be in play, including the final tracklist decision-making, except for this it will will all be out in the open."

The final release, once completed, will see formal release through Dunphy's Introverse Media, coordinated by the Secret Decoder Records label. "This will be the first of my instrumental albums under the SDR partnership," Dunphy said. "But again, it will take some time for the whole to come together, so Test Test Test is as much about the process as it happens as it is what comes of that process."

Getting back to his latest addition to the album, Dunphy said, "I suppose you could say 'That Never Works' is melancholy, and you wouldn't be wrong to assume it. But if there was no hope, I wouldn't continue to make music at all. So as long as there is still some drive to get behind the guitar, all is not yet lost, and that's a plus."

The single for "That Never Works" is now available for free on Noisetrade: noisetrade.com/dwdunphy/that-never-works
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