Investigation Into Reducing Non-Revenue Water Rates

San Diego, CA, June 10, 2015 --( Each year in the United States billions of gallons of water are lost due to leaks and bursts in pipe systems. JD7, a North American pipe assessment company, is taking a look inside live water main systems to investigate the conditions in an attempt to reduce non-revenue water rates.

Non-revenue water (NRW) is an ongoing crisis that affects communities and cities throughout the United States. According to Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN), Chicago has the highest NRW rate in the USA with a staggering 24 percent. Memphis, New York, San Diego and San Jose were other notable cities with high rates of NRW. It is no secret the cost of replacing and repairing our infrastructure is high, which is why investigation technologies are paving the way, helping corporations prioritize and budget for renewal.

It is estimated the United States will spend $200 billion on water systems over the next 20 years. $96 billion of this is solely being used for water loss control. Preventative assessment and inspection measures can help insure less water is going to waste and less money is being spent.

Pipe Investigation Benefits:

Life expectancy through true measurements
Leak detection (water and gas)
Main renewal prioritization
Justification and certification of fire mains
GPS tracking and plotting
Live video feed
Location of services, defects and restrictions
Accurate geographic information system (GIS) mapping
Material validation

The Investigator by JD7 is a pipe assessment and inspection tool that can operate in live pressure water mains with access through fire hydrants. It captures video footage and acoustics to pinpoint and assess the problem. JD7 is offering municipalities and utility companies the opportunity for a live demonstration to assist in the direction of infrastructure renewal.

To schedule your demonstration, call JD7 at 858-242-1640 or email

About JD7

JD7 is a Global technology provider focused on pipeline assessments and pipeline inspection solutions. JD7 provides condition assessment, leak inspection/detection and a large range of unique survey products. JD7 offers sales and or services with all their technology along with training on all no-dig technology. These solutions address problems to a sizeable market, including both water and gas utility companies across the globe. JD7 products can access and survey mains from as small as 2 inch to an unlimited size. For further information visit
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